Krasyuk: “7-10 days left before the official announcement of Joshua – Usyk”


“It remains to sign the documents. We received a contract, we sent our comments, we received comments, we prepared comments for comments, sent them – normal coordination work. It always takes time. I think 7 days, maybe 10 will be enough for us to fix all the issues, sign a contract and go to the official announcement of the fight, “said Alexander Krasyuk, the promoter of Alexander Usik, regarding negotiations with Anthony Joshua’s team in an interview with Sergey Dolbilov on the VideoBoxing YouTube channel. …

In response to the question of what causes the most controversy within the contract, Krasyuk answered the following: “Minor nuances. The devil is in the details. There are no disputes as such. There is a task to defend the interests of your boxer. Since we work on the open book principle, the so-called distribution of all received income, there is a principle: if we work openly, not for a fee, then we need to work on the principle of maximizing income. Namely – as soon as we announce the fight, and for example, we already have some Tottenham Hotspur seat there with 60 thousand tickets sold, we understand the gross amount, the gross income from this sale. For example, we enter the market and negotiate with Saudi Arabia or Qatar or Singapore and say: “Guys, we have this fight. Our gross ticket revenue, for example, is 10 million. We want this fight to maximize revenues and, for example, we will receive an offer from Qatar for 20 million. I’m talking about numbers now, absolutely conditionally. $ 20 million. That is, there is a maximization principle. Thus, both one and the second boxer will receive large incomes, because the promoters have done the right job. “

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“This is the principle, it should be laid down, and we agreed on it, and now we are just technically working on it, how it will actually happen. Since it is one thing to say it orally, and another thing to put it in the framework of the paper on the contract. Then such small nuances a la flights, press conferences, tickets, how it will all be distributed, which hotels. Little things, but they take time and you need to work on them correctly in order to sit relaxed during the fight and know that everything has been spelled out a long time ago, “Krasyuk added.

– Is it easy for you to work with Eddie Hearn?

– To be honest, it is easy for me to work with everyone. If a person is smart and knows his job, it is not difficult to work with this person. With Eddie Hearn, we had normal experience with Bellew, when we signed up for three fights co-promotions. We then signed it in 10 minutes, did not sign it, but decided, agreed. Of course, for another month there was paperwork red tape, we agreed on how we are now agreeing on a contract paper. But the principle was very clear. It is the same now for this fight. We didn’t agree for 10 minutes, of course, but we didn’t have intensive discussions, we didn’t cover each other in the mass media, like some other participants. We agreed on everything in our sane mind, understood where the reality is, what these boundaries are, beyond which it will be absurd to go beyond. This will only increase the degree and pulls the likelihood of a fight. It’s no secret that we are probably more interested in this fight than Joshua. Probably. definitely bigger than Joshua. For Joshua, this is A – risk, B – not as much money as Tyson Fury. And there everything is already on a platter with a blue border. The third is like, let’s say, a step back for Joshua, because he kind of fought and defeated Klitschko, won several belts, and now the whole pump was going on about the fight of the millennium. And now he needs to rebuild and fight with the former absolute champion, albeit in a different weight. And also with the Olympic champion of the same Olympics, where Joshua became. He is aware of the risk, and therefore it was difficult to decide on this fight. Although he was present at Chisora’s fight, and after Chisora’s fight he stood up and said: “That’s it, no problem, I’m ready to fight this man.”

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