Krasnodar will play in the Europa League playoffs very soon. There are moments that are disturbing


Russia has only one Russian club left in European competition – Krasnodar, which will have its first match against Dynamo Zagreb on February 18. What is the state of the team Murada Musaeva stays 12 days before the season officially resumes?

Musaev clearly plays the main line-up of individual matches. There are only a few floating positions left

During the training camp, Krasnodar has already played five matches: with Legia (0: 0), Riga (1: 0), Soligorsk Shakhtar (3: 0), Lokomotiv (1: 1) and “Rostov” (2: 0). Musaev abandoned the practice of mixed squads and divides the sparring between the players, systematically increasing the playing time for the players. The nominal “start” held meetings with “Shakhtar” and “Rostov”.

Squad for the game with Shakhtar: The cities – Smolnikov, Kayo, Martynovich, Ramirez – Olsson, Vilhena – Wanderson, Cabella, Klasson – Berg.

Composition for the game against Rostov: The cities – Smolnikov, Kayo, Martynovich, Ramirez – Gazinsky, Vilhena – Suleimanov, Cabella, Klasson – Berg.

In an interview, Musaev himself is not afraid to divide the squad into the main and reserve (coaches often avoid such formulations), and today we can easily predict the team that will play against Dynamo Zagreb. Questions only for a couple Olsson – Gazinsky, who are in competition, as well as Wanderson. The Brazilian missed the last game day – there is no information yet if he will be ready by February 18.

Let us emphasize, by the way, that there may be as many as eight legionnaires at the start. The dependence of today’s Krasnodar on foreigners is great.

Injuries keep up with the club. Safonov still doesn’t play, Ari is missing, and Wanderson missed the last match

An epidemic of injuries that mowed whole lines is behind – and this is real happiness. But some damages that reduce the potential of the clip are still present at Krasnodar.

Not a single game at the training camp Safonov. The 21-year-old goalkeeper is still recovering from injury. His place was not taken by the young Adamov (he plays enough in reserve), and the more experienced Cities.

Ari does not work on the field and during the period of preparation I remembered only the purchase of “golden steak” at the restaurant of Nusret Gokce in the Emirates.

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The last game day was missed not only by Wanderson, but also Utkin from Ionov. And this is already a tangible blow at least to the depth of the clip.

Gazinsky will compete for a place on the field with Olsson (and there is a possibility that he will lose the competition)

The team continues the line chosen in the first part of the season using a 4-2-3-1 formation with two defensive players. One of them has a stricter binding to the central axis and insurance, the other (Villena) fills all kinds of zones in the attack and is responsible for saturating the required space. Olsson and Gazinsky are competing for the position of the lower defensive midfielder – the Swede played a match with Shakhtar, and the Russian – with Rostov.

Until Yuri clearly got in better shape, there were a lot of questions about the previous sparring, both in handling the ball (low overall passing accuracy of 83%) and in defense. Many quick attacks passed through the central zone, Gazinsky does not have time to cover the space and does not give the volume of single combats. It will not be surprising if Olsson comes to the opening official match.

Kayo is still playing in the center of defense. He’s just as unpredictable and unreliable

Despite numerous productive mistakes of the Brazilian in a key position in the autumn games, the coaching staff and the management of Krasnodar still believe in him. Cayo plays consistently in the center of defense – and his chances of dropping out of the squad are negligible.

Sergei Nikolaevich, whose idea was it to put Kayo as a center-back?

What everyone talks about but is afraid to ask.

In some components (for example, the beginning of an attack), Kaio is progressing, but there are still many questions about his reliability. Even in sparring, the Brazilian made gross positional mistakes. Against Shakhtar, Kayo lost concentration in the cross and let the opponent go behind the back. He shot Gorodov point-blank with his head.

Against Rostov Kayo pulled out very easily and left the back line. The team defended according to the 4-4-2 scheme, at the moments of pressure they switched to individual orientations, and the central defender often had to play out for the opponent, even if he opened in short supply. Kayo’s problem is that he does not always feel the edge: when to go all the way and squeeze, and when it is better to stay in the zone and not expose the space.

Also, Kayo traditionally turns his head badly and does not control the space behind his back. He remained the same defender: very strong in single combats, but absolutely unpredictable in decisions. And this before the spring, as well as the ongoing clear bet on it, is a little scary.

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The team misses a lot of fast attacks and should better protect the space between the lines

Also, regarding the matches with Rostov and Shakhtar, questions arose about the game of Krasnodar during counterattacks (the defenders were badly extinguished, many attacks of the opponent passed through the center) and about the protection of the space between the lines. With 4-4-2 and attempts to press or a middle block, the bulls occasionally have an excessively large gap between the line of defenders and the line of midfielders. This leads to additional emissions of Caio, which in itself cannot but be alarming.

Good news # 1: Klasson is in great shape and plays great on offsets to the center

The Swede’s nominal position is left midfielder, but in the attack phase he makes about half of his touches in foreign zones. Klasson frees the width Ramirez, moves to the semi-flanks or the center (and in sparring with Shakhtar he even went to the right while being next to Wanderson) and performs a lot of aggravating actions from there.

Klasson has excellent involvement in the game in terms of assists, he is perhaps the most valuable player in the team in two previous meetings, made six key assists in 150 minutes (none of them ended in a strange way – a question of implementation by partners) and scored a wonderful goal after shifting to the middle and quickly playing back.

After a severe injury, Klasson visually lost in speed and dynamics, but he still possesses high intelligence – and the attacking game of Krasnodar is being built around him in many ways.

Good news # 2: Berg is fine too. He is the most important player in building attacks

The media reported that the Swedish striker could go to Gothenburg and allegedly Krasnodar would not mind selling him now, because in the summer he will have to release him for free. The news on the eve of the resumption of the season looks a little strange, BergLike Klasson, he is absolutely a key player in the attack, he plays enough for the starting lineup, and there are no other ready forwards in Musayev. Ari is recovering, and Markov – just a reservist who will not be able to provide the same qualities on the field.

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Berg’s advantages are in his playing in the quickdraw and in the shift to the ball zone. The Swede dives badly behind his back (but in fact does not), but he is active in playing along and famously pulls out other people’s defenders after him, freeing up space for jerking partners. For the center forward, Berg has excellent involvement in the structure (26 assists in the game against Rostov, 20 in 60 minutes against Shakhtar). He finds free zones at the second pace or at the far post, strikes a lot from dangerous positions. In two games – seven hits and four key passes.

“The fans ran across the field to fight them.” Tascher “Krasnodar” – about Russia and life

As a child, Berg defended himself from the puck with a pillow, and now does not react to criticism from Zlatan.


If the injuries bypass the team, Wanderson and Safonov will recover and return to the base, and Utkin and Ionov will provide the depth of the clip, then Krasnodar will appear in the strongest form. His current state is by no means scary. The team looks decent at this stage of preparation, creates a lot of sharpness in front, caught a good mood – after all, zero defeats in five games also create a positive background. But there are also moments that would be nice to adjust.

Now Krasnodar entered the weekly cycle – on February 11, that is, exactly seven days before Zagreb, the bulls will have another sparring. Against Lokomotiv, but this time the main squad will be released. And then the conclusions about the team’s readiness for the Europa League will be more solid.

Used data from InStat and graphical tool Tactic Lite.

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