Kokorin’s career in Italy is under threat! Fiorentina coach retired


Cesare Prandelli resigned as head coach of Fiorentina. The Italian media wrote this morning that the 63-year-old specialist resigned after the “violets” lost at home in the match of the 28th round of Serie A to “Milan” – 2: 3 on Sunday. In the afternoon, official information came in: the club agreed to fire Prandelli. At the same time, the statement on the Fiorentina website emphasizes that the management made this decision with great regret, and the reasons for the coach’s resignation are non-football in nature. “Violet” should lead Giuseppe Yachiniwho worked with the team just before Cesare’s appointment.

“Bombs today, tomorrow?” Fans of “Fiorentina” Kokorin attacked the base of the club

They are unhappy with the team’s performance this season.

This was Prandelli’s second appearance at a club from Florence. He previously coached Fiorentina from 2005 to 2010. Made her one of the best teams in Italy, reached the semi-finals of the 2007/2008 UEFA Cup and could have played in the final against Zenit if he hadn’t lost a penalty shootout to Glasgow Rangers. In the wake of his success, Cesare received an invitation to the Italian national team, with which he reached the final of Euro 2012. But after the failure at the 2014 World Cup and leaving the national team, the native of Lombardy did not show anything special in either Galatasaray, Valencia or Genoa.

Prandelli returned to Fiorentina in November 2020, when the team was in 12th place. After seven rounds I had eight points. However, the return to Florence did not bring happiness to the coach. The results did not improve: in 21 games under the leadership of Cesare, the “violets” scored 21 points, having won only five wins, six draws and ten defeats. Fiorentina slipped to 14th place, seven points to the relegation zone. Prandelli’s relationship with some footballers, apparently, left much to be desired, for example, there was a conflict with the team leader Frank Ribery

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We are interested in the story of the resignation of Fiorentina’s mentor, first of all, in the light of how it will affect his career Alexandra Kokorina… Probably, Prandelli was not the initiator of the transfer of the Russian striker, unlike Roberto Mancini and his son, Violet Scout Andrea. Nevertheless, he did not mind the purchase of the ex-Spartak player. Kokorin himself talked about his conversation with Cesare before the transition:

“I don’t know the whole situation with Alexey Miranchuk. So I understand that he was taken without the consent of the coach – however, I could be wrong. I spoke with Prandelli … He asked in what position I could show my best qualities. I replied that I can play anywhere, but on the right is the best. Prandelli explained how it would all look, promised that they would provide time, they would not rush – everyone understands everything perfectly ”(in an interview for Sport-Express).

In general, the words of the coach did not diverge from the deeds. Prandelli was patiently waiting for Kokorin to recover from damage and get in shape, releasing our striker as a substitute during the second halves. Until recently, he defended Alexander after his unsuccessful matches. He praised the Russian for his character, strong qualities, good work in training, but at the same time he explained that it was necessary to reduce expectations from Kokorin, citing as an example Michel Platini… The legendary Frenchman at one time needed six months to adapt to Serie A. Cesare did not wait for goals from the winter rookie from the RPL. Kokorin took part in three meetings, and in the last three weeks he has been healing another injury.

“Kokorin was injured by tying his shoelaces.” Fans continue to laugh at the Russian

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Former “CSKA” Adolfo Gaich is already called strengthening against the background of the former Spartak player.

Now the Russian striker must build a relationship with the new coach. By the way, some Fiorentina fans in February and early March called on the club’s management to replace Prandelli with Yakini. In their opinion, the former chief did better. Actually, the statistics have confirmed this. Will Yakini trust Kokorin as he trusted Cesare? Fiorentina fans doubt that Alexander will get new chances. They believe that his career in Italy is now in jeopardy.

Here are some comments about Kokorin on social media and sports sites amid news of Prandelli’s resignation:

Hanu: “Kokorin’s career ended before it even started.”

Gianluca Icchecentroio: “Ridiculous management buying Kokorin and leasing Kevin Malqui when they have to fight for survival. Of course, money is not a problem. Someone imposed on Prandelli things that would come out. Prandelli is a great champion, he is too big a gentleman for this company. “

Unsenepoppiu: “If you haven’t guessed, Kokorin doesn’t exist. This is the pseudo Daniele Prade (sports director of Fiorentina) to receive a second salary. “

ilRegistrato: “Kokorin – disguised as Yoan Benaluan (ex-Fiorentina player, who has never played due to injury in six months on loan)? Benaluan was paid in just six months, and Kokorin was given a luxury 3.5-year contract. “

According to an Italian journalist Tancredi Palmeri, our legionnaire can stick to the bench due to Yakini’s tactics:

“Now it is difficult to say something about Kokorin. To be honest, it will be difficult, less space for the strikers, because the new coach usually plays with one striker. This may affect Kokorin. Based on Alexander’s game at Fiorentina, this is not very useful: too little support, playing time. Dusan Vlahovich blossomed, so Kokorin may not be in demand in the new season. “

The history of relations between Mancini and Kokorin. The Italian wanted to kick Sasha out, but then fell in love

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Kokorin, under the leadership of Mancini, gave his best season of his career at Zenit, and now the Italian helped him to move to Fiorentina.

Meanwhile, the first coach of the striker Valery Stafyorov answered the question of the “Championship” correspondent about the prospects of Alexander after the departure of Prandelli:

“How can I know how Prandelli’s resignation will affect Kokorin? A new coach will come, they will sort it out. It all depends on the coach. The last time I spoke with Sasha was on his birthday (March 19), he feels fine, when he returns – I don’t know.

Sasha is undeservedly criticized. To say something, you have to be inside the club. Of course, I would not want him to return to Russia. But if he does not fit the new coach – apparently, such a fate. Although he will try if he is given a chance.

I read on the Internet, there are a lot of critics and envious people. They get high when something goes wrong with Kokorin. What can you tell them? You can’t tell these people. Fans are fans – one likes it, the other doesn’t. Many people write that he is the best and good, there are words of gratitude. And other people, far from football, write badly because envy takes, that he gets a good salary, because of the events with the court. Sasha can prove everything only by playing. “

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