Kokorin made his debut in the Italian championship! How it was


Fiorentina - Inter - 0: 2, Kokorin's debut

Kokorin made his debut in the Italian championship! How it was

The first 20 minutes of the ex-striker of Spartak and Zenit in Fiorentina.


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Alexander Kokorin made his debut at Fiorentina! The participation of the Russian striker in the match with Inter was generally in question, since on Wednesday all the necessary documents for the application of the ex-Spartak player had not been received. In addition, the head coach of Violets Cesare Prandelli admitted that it takes a beginner three weeks to get in shape.

Journalist and Insider Nobel Arustamyan shared on his Telegram channel some interesting information about how Kokorin is prepared in Fiorentina:

Fiorentina has planned a special menu for Kokorin. Sasha was provided with special meals to get him in better shape as soon as possible. At 7-8 pm, a club employee called Kokorin with questions about what his meals would be at the base – down to the smallest detail. And in the evening, right after signing the contract, Kokorin went to training to get the necessary loads. So far Alexander is not in his best shape, but Fiorentina fans are already eager to see him in action – and to understand who they were brought to. Alexander settles in Florence, and Fiorentina believes in him. Still: on the sports director Daniele Prade and head coach Cesare Prandelli has a huge responsibility and pressure. In Italy, there are big questions about Alexander’s transfer – Fiorentina took a risk, and he must justify himself “

Kokorin began the meeting on the bench. Fiorentina played with one forward Dusan Vlahovic, but Prandelli had little choice. Christian Kuame, who scored only one goal in Serie A, disappoints the coach, and the legendary Franck Ribery was injured and was not included in the application.

With the score 0: 0, Inter had a noticeable advantage. Goal Nikola Barella in the 31st minute, a consequence of a gross error of the “violets” in defense. The midfielder was left completely free in front of the penalty area, and Barella only had two touches to handle the ball and shoot into the far corner. After that, the Prandelli team added. By the break, the hosts even won on shots – 9: 5 (on target – 2: 2). Once “Inter” was saved from a conceded ball by the crossbar.

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However, shortly after the break, when Cuame had already appeared on the field, Fiorentina conceded another goal. Ashraf Hakimi made a pass along the flank and shot along the gate. Ivan Perisic calmly closed the transmission of the right lateral.

In the 74th minute, Kokorin replaced the young Vlahovich with a score of 0: 2, making up a couple of forwards with Kuame. What did the Russian show in the 20 minutes allotted to him? First of all, Alexander showed decent movement. He opened between the lines, offered himself for transfers. Unfortunately, partners did not always understand or see him – interactions need to be improved. Several times Kokorin acted well in playing along (passed without marriage), participating, in particular, in a combination, which he completed with an inaccurate blow Giacomo Bonaventura… During defense, the attacker did not fall out of the pressure, he blocked the close player. True, it seemed that even in pressing, our legionnaire did not quite figure out where to move a couple of times, since he does not yet know all the tactical details of the team’s game.

In the second half, “violets” struck seven, and “Inter” – nine (on target – 1: 4). Overall, Antonio Conte’s team controlled the game. Nevertheless, Kokorin had his chance to score. In the 87th minute, the Russian cleverly opened up near Inter’s goalkeeper to a cross from the left flank. If the serve had been accurate, Alexander would have freely hit his head, but, unfortunately, the ball flew over the striker. In total, Kokorin made nine touches of the ball. According to his body language, we can conclude that the ex-Spartak player is hungry for the game and wants to show himself in Italy, and this is a good sign.

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