Karen Khachanov: I knew what to expect from today’s opponent


Russian tennis player Karen Khachanov commented on reaching the third round of the Olympics.

“I knew what to expect, played with him last year in St. Petersburg. When I went out to play, I hoped it would be cloudy, I didn’t want to play under the sun, but it came out, and the balls began to fly and jump well. the game went, to get used to, I had to spend a couple of games. And at first I didn’t serve very many first serves. He somehow guessed and accepted. Well, I was nervous, probably, in the first games a little bit, trying to understand where he plays more, tried to get used to its rhythm, continued to fight, stayed in the game, glad that he remained calm and did everything according to business.

Everyone thought that today’s matches would not take place because of the rain, they waited for the rain on Tuesday a couple of days ago. But the weather is unpredictable, in the end everyone was able to play. I warmed up in the hall, maybe this also influenced the fact that the first games turned out to be difficult, on the street the balls fly differently, the air is different.

Then I will meet with Schwartzman. We played with him several times, Diego is a tough opponent, he stands quite high. Moves well, this is his main trump card and advantage. I will prepare for the rallies, try to play aggressively, and possibly go to the net more. Let’s think with the coach, get ready, I hope we’ll be able to play well, “RIA Novosti quotes Khachanov.

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