Joshua lost control of the heavyweight weight. The fight with Miller — more proof …


Twenty-two fights, twenty two wins on home territory. In 2019 the major Boxing superstar, Britain’s Anthony Joshua, still going to box on a visit — he will fight against Jarrell Miller in the United States.

The fight with Miller is an excellent opportunity to introduce Joshua to the American public and to make him a star not only British (European) scale, says promoter Eddie Hearn fighter. In any case, precisely this idea is the main argument of the team champion in favor of Miller. However, at a closer look at the situation, it looks like an attempt to keep a good mine at bad game.

Anthony Joshua remains the biggest star in the heavyweight division, but his reputation was seriously damaged. A year ago, all lined up in a row to get the opportunity to share with AJ the ring, it was possible to obtain not only a chance to fight for the belt, but also to earn the biggest fee of his career. This starting position allowed the team Joshua to dictate terms to the division, and that was the reason why no agreement was reached, with perhaps the only boxer that could have something to put on the negotiating table – the champion of WBC Zionteam Wilder.

The battle of Joshua with Wilder can marinate for a very long time

The situation of the British started to worsen at the end of 2018. First Deontay Wilder and Tyson fury gave a great fight, events and special his end couldn’t please a team of Londoner. Excellent presentation of Tyson marked the return of the linear heavyweight champion, and a draw made a revenge only a matter of time.

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Tyson fury won Wilder, but his comeback

Three weeks later, Gillian white firmly landed Derek Chisora, but instead of instantly to seize the very real chance to take revenge from Anthony for the defeat four years ago, “the Body Snatcher” came to the situation with a cool head and understanding that he needed AJ. more. White’s willingness to play long led to the fact that the April date at Wembley has lost relevance – is simply not there with whom to go.

The fight with Miller in America – it’s not the best fight for Joshua. Jarrell probably wouldn’t be in the top five of the most desirable opponents Ajay among the fans. However, in this situation, the optimal solution, but not because of the urgent need to sell the brand “AJ” in the States, and because other options are simply not there.

In his last fight in September, the British figured out with Alexander Povetkin, Getty Images

The fight with Miller is not a magic pill, can overnight turn to Anthony Joshua a star in the vastness of America. Here are a few different scales. If the objective of the British was the conquest of the Boxing market in Bulgaria, fight with Kubrat Bullet in Sofia would be at the time; if there was a need to replenish the fan base by the representatives of Germany or France – a date in Hamburg with Christian hammer or battle of Olympic Champions with Tony Jocoy in Paris, respectively. But the market of USA Boxing, with its traditions and history – is quite another matter.

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Jarrell Miller is not a star at home, moreover, he is not able by his name to gather fans in his back yardthan in the time was used by Andre ward, who fights regularly in his native Oakland. Fans in the States are not used by default to follow the careers of athletes only on the basis of the flag they represent is much more interest in them cause of the bright and interesting performances of the fighters, regardless of their nationality.

Joshua probably join his fan base, with a small number of Americans. But in order to really conquer the American market, it needs to continue to be on the other side of the Atlantic, clearly defeating the motley opponents. An example of this is Manny Pacquiao and Gennady Golovkin, who took more than one year to gather a robust audience of fans. But if this is going to do Anthony?

The probability that this will be the first and only speech of Joshua in the States. Anyway, in the next two years. After Anthony will be Miller, his promoter Eddie Hearn, most likely, will reserve a large stadium at home under the same battle with the Wight. The same will apply to potential megabajtov with someone of the couple Wilder – fury. The head of Matchroom has made clear that in case of agreement, the first fight with Wilder will be held in the UK. The fight with compatriot Tyson fury to spend on anything other than 90-thousand Wembley, is simply unreasonable.

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However, in order for such megarity become reality, the command of the British need to accept the new reality – AJ is no longer in a position to refuse to make concessions and fully dictate terms to potential opponents. To save the reputation, he needs a big fight and if it already enjoys the fighter from the stable of Eddie Hearne (Gillian white), then what to say about Deontae the Wilder and Tyson fury.

Main event heavyweight title now held without the participation of the British: the Wilder is aimed at a rematch with fury, and, Dillian white in battle with Dominic Brizilan can gain the status of mandatory Challenger for the WBC title, that is, will have the opportunity to become a champion and without Joshua. In other words, a. j. need to drive a wedge in all these movements, otherwise the three largest named the Royal division for a long time can do without it, forcing you to get bogged down in obligatory protections that will further exacerbate its reputational loss.

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