Джонатан Бэнкс: Хочу, чтобы Головкин удивил скоростью

Jonathan Banks: I'd like to be surprised how fast Golovkin is


On May 29, former world middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin held a special training for the media. Kazakh coach Jonathan Banks talked about working with GGG in an interview with Fight Hub TV, Prosports.kz reports.

On the morning of June 9, Golovkin will meet New York, New York, at the legendary Madison Square Garden Arena with Steve Rolls from Canada. In an interview with the media, Banks talked about preparing his client for the upcoming fight.

The journalist of the portal noticed that Golovkin looked lighter on the feet during the training and also included more brain work.

"Yes, he moves his head more often now. Throws more punches and he got easier too. In other words – it's harder to catch him now. In my opinion, GGG is not just a puncher. He has the talent and ability to compete with every boxer in his weight class. "

The banks also talked about the aspects they had been working on over the past month.

"We worked out the rhythm in the ring, the defense and the number of strokes. I think it's better seen from the side. I am sure that people have noticed that Golovkin moves more, throws more punches and connects the work with his head. Many have noticed. "

In addition, the portal journalist inquired about the main objective of banks to cooperate with Golovkin in the longer term.

"So far, I have not thought about it, but I want him to have a sense of rhythm in the ring and a style that allows every opponent to reach the bottom. I want better boxers to miss something and be punished for mistakes. "

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Banks also noted that he is not new to the Golovkin team, as many believe.

"We already trained together when I worked with Wladimir Klitschko. Besides, I've been friends with Tom Leffler for a long time. I was also part of the K2 promotion in which Golovkin spoke. Yes, I've known GGG for a long time.

I want Golovkin to show not only his strength but also his pace in the upcoming fight against Steve Rolls. The third fight against Saul Alvarez will be completely different. We look forward to this fight. We work seriously in the hall and are ready for 12 laps, but we do not exclude Ko. "

"I want to destroy," Kanelo. Just give me a chance. "

Jonathan Banks – New GGG Trainer

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