Джон Джонс избил Энтони Смита, Вудли уступил Усману

John Jones beat Anthony Smith, Woodley lost to Usman


In Las Vegas, Nevada, at the T-Mobile Arena, the UFC 235 tournament ended. Prosports.kz summarizes the past event.

Achieved place in the top 10

In the main battle of the early card Zabit Magomedsharipov made promising. As part of the featherweight (66 kg), he was confronted with the tough puncher Jeremy Stevens from the United States Stevens, however, tried to rehabilitate after a major defeat against Jose Aldo last year.

In each fight, a fighter from Russia shows a real show, but this time he had to change the board a bit because of his opponent's physical strength. Magomedsharipov successfully counterattacked and retreated over long distances. During the fight Zabit successfully used his height advantage and tried to keep Stevens at a distance. Several times the double of Abraham Lincoln exploded to the delight of the public. Jeremy tried to hit the opponent all three rounds, but with varying degrees of success. After 15 minutes of attack, Zabit has successfully defied his opponent's attacks, and in the end, the fighters made a nice strike.

Thus, Zabit Magomedsharipov won under the auspices of the UFC the fifth victory and thus won a place in the top 10 at featherweight. After two fights, a Russian fighter can win Champion Gold.

Meet Johnny Walker

In the early evening ticket also Johnny Walker (93 kg) appeared in the light heavyweight division. The 26-year-old fighter signed with the UFC last August when he showed up well on Dana White's Contender. After that, the Brazil fighter scored two wins after spending less than 3 minutes. Last night, a charismatic fighter met with Misha Tsirkunov from Canada.

For Walker, the fight with Tsirkunov was a great opportunity to reach the top 15 at light heavyweight. The game ended in favor of Walker when the Brazilian beat an opponent with one knee in the first round jump. The interesting thing happened after the battle – Walker injured his shoulder as he celebrated his victory. Johnny dropped onto an octagon floor and landed on his shoulder.

We recommend to follow this prospectus as a charismatic Brazilian may surprise many in the future.

Cody Garbrandt – On the same rake

The main card of the tournament opened the fight of former lightweight champion (62 kg) Cody Garbrandt against Pedro Munoz. After two defeats by Ti Jay Dillashov, Garbrandt had to regain his strength and hold his own in the winning streak, especially as his 32-year-old opponent came from Brazil. But 27-year-old Cody has never learned to control the emotions in the octagon. For this he paid with two knockouts from Dillashow, missing three identical combinations. In the fight against Munoz, Cody also decided to test his chin and was hacked to death by a Brazilian. In the first round, Muniez Garbrandt beat out and used the same combination as Dillashow.

So Cody had to accept a third defeat in a row within a year and a half, and all three ended in the second round. The former champion should change training camp, otherwise he risks becoming the next janitor.

Tyrone Woodley awarded championship gold

In the co-main fight of the evening, the former world welterweight champion (77 kg), Tyrone Woodley, met with Kamara Usman. For the 35-year-old "Chosen", this belt protector should be one of the simplest on paper. Woodley had an advantage over Usman in all aspects and could end the fight prematurely, but tonight everything went different. For Woodley, the fight was the worst performance in many years. The fighter could not oppose Usman, except that he humbly accepted all attacks of the opponent. For 25 minutes, Tyrone had missed a huge number of punches and even allowed the challenger to go down to the ground.

So Woodley lost after a blurry performance the championship title to Kamara Usman. In the next fight, the newly crowned champion will defend the title against former Interim champion Colby Covington, and Woodley will regain the lead.

Easy sparring for John Jones

In the main fight of the evening gloving champion (93 kg) John Jones met with Anthony Smith. The 31-year-old Jones returned two months after his impressive victory over Alexander Gustafsson. After such a Victoria, many expected Jones to beat him, but the champion decided to play Smith every 25 minutes to beat his opponent. The candidate who has managed to pass every five rounds against one of the best fighters in history will pay a tribute. The only unexpected moment in the battle was the fourth round, when John batted a forbidden knee kick when Smith stood at three points in the pit. The champion lost the title for this technique, but Anthony agreed to continue fighting.

So John spent the ninth successful title defense and received minimal damage. With this indicator, Jones caught up with George St. Pierre. Only Anderson Silva (10) and Demetrius Johnson (11) stayed ahead of John.

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