Еще не поздно поставить на «эль-класико»

It's not too late to put on El Clasico



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Real Madrid, which ran a large-scale transfer campaign this summer, have a good chance of fighting for gold medals in Example. "Creamy" players have earned more than 300 million euros, but so far almost none of them justify generous progress. Adaptation is difficult for Azar, who was considered the club's leader, but he is clearly not yet ready to complete this mission.

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Despite the imperfect start, the "creamy" leadership shares with Barcelona and, most importantly, they add with every game. Zidane's team is starting to not only beat the rivals, but also beat them, both on their own field and abroad.

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Football live stream online

This season, Barcelona is far from the best conditions and when there is no messi on the field, it is sometimes difficult for a team to score. This can be used by "Real", who no longer has a football player who has clearly determined the style of the club.

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It is sufficient to register via the BC so that the live broadcast of the football is available to you. If we talk far about the trump cards of "creamy" in the fight for the title, we can differentiate:

1. A cool and played team, where even an injury to an actor is not a hard blow for the team.

2. Individual managerial skills, where everyone can tip the scales in favor of the team.

3. The team's tactical flexibility.

Now Zidane is starting to let young players slowly into the base. A striking example of this is Rodrigo, who has already made a name for himself with goals in both the Champions League and Example. Watch live football broadcasts to find out who will receive the championship gold medals. It is possible that we will find out the name of the new Spanish champion this season, especially if the "creamy" ones do not slow down.



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