Italy – England, Euro 2020 final, what a word Chiellini shouted before the decisive penalty, where he is used


Before the decisive penalty kick, the Italian captain shouted a spell. And Saka didn’t score

Italy v England, Euro 2020 final

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What does Chiellini’s mysterious word “kirikocho” mean and does it really work?

The Italian national team became the European champion, having won the final over England (1: 1, pens. 3: 2). Goalkeeper Donnarumma made an amazing save, reflecting the decisive blow Saki from the point. And now it turned out that before the penalty was taken, the captain of the Italians Chiellini shouted the word “kirikocho”, which is considered to be some kind of spell. Let’s talk about it.

The symbolic team of Euro 2020. Half of the team are Italians!
The symbolic team of Euro 2020. Half of the team are Italians!

Where did it come from and what does it mean?

Colombian journalist Juan Sebastian Perez in his “twitter” said that the word “kirikocho” appeared in the 80s in Argentina, when the famous coach Carlos Bilardo worked in “Estudiantes” from La Plata. A fan nicknamed Kirikocho came to them for open training, who brought the team some setbacks. For example, in his presence, players were often injured.

Bilardo was a superstitious coach, so he decided to send Chirikocho to the rivals who came to La Plata. At the same time, the devoted fan continued to attend the Estudiantes matches. In 1982, his team became the champion of Argentina, and Chiricocho himself mysteriously disappeared.

“Since we became champions that year, we accepted him as our amulet. He was a nice guy, but he soon disappeared and I never saw him again. Then, when I returned to Estudiantes in 2003, I asked about him, but no one knew anything. Believe it or not, once in Spain I was coaching Sevilla, someone behind me whispered: “Kirikocho, Kirikocho” when a penalty was awarded in favor of the opponent. I couldn’t believe it until Cholo (nickname Diego Simeone. – Approx. “Championship”) did not say that he uttered this name a couple of times, and the others picked up after him. In Europe! It seems to be fiction, but when you say “kirikocho” – they are wrong! ” – said Bilardo.

How often is it used now?

The unusual word eventually spread throughout the Spanish-speaking countries and even became popular in Europe, especially in Spain. They began to use it when breaking through a penalty kick or a dangerous free kick. And once it was even pronounced by a Norwegian Erling Holland.

In March 2021, in the 1/8 finals of the Champions League between Borussia Dortmund and Sevilla (2: 2), the players again remembered the word “kirikocho”. In the 54th minute, Holland ran up to the goalkeeper after a penalty kick Bonoby shouting the already known spell in his face.

Holland set a Champions League record. Analysis of an amazing episode
Holland set a Champions League record. Analysis of an amazing episode

Later it turned out that at the first attempt to break through from a point (he was interrupted) the Moroccan goalkeeper shouted the word “kirikocho” to Holand, and the Norwegian decided to simply repeat after him.

“I don’t know what I shouted, because I just repeated what he shouted to me after I missed the first penalty. If he hadn’t broken the rules, I would have scored from the first hit. Perhaps karma exists, ”the Borussia striker said.

Now the word “kirikocho” can be heard not only from football players, but also from fans. Some say it in the stadium or in front of the TV screen, hoping the spell will work.

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