Is GGG ready for the third fight with Kanelo?


The Kazakh professional boxer Gennady Golovkin successfully returned to the ring and defeated the Canadian Steve Rolls in the fourth round.

The fight, which took place in the arena of Madison Square Garden in New York, ended with an early victory for the GGG. It was Kazakhstan's debut battle in the DAZN streaming service, with which Gennady signed a million-dollar contract over six bouts (three years) in the spring.

And so it happened that his first opponent at DAZN was an unknown Steve Rolls. In this case, the Canadian boxer was unbeaten before the fight with GGG and owned the regional titles NABF and USBA middleweight. Also, consider the age of 35-year-old Rolls.

Before the fight, many did not worry about the outcome (it was already clear), but as Golovkin would enter the ring under the guidance of new coach Jonathan Banks. And as it turned out, not much changed with the arrival of Klitschko's former coach Gennady. He still missed unnecessary punches.

In addition, GGG is now fighting with caution without forcing events. Perhaps this was influenced by Andy Ruiz's sensational victory over Anthony Joshua. However, the fight with Steve Rolls GGG was too cautious.

That showed the start rounds. Golovkin did not immediately go to the opponent, waiting for the right moment to attack. Gennady checked the body as usual, then the head. At the same time the Kazakh player missed Rolls punches at regular intervals – but the previous mistakes remained: Golovkin neglects the defense again to uncover the opponent. Fortunately, everything went well this time around – at the end of the fourth round, Golovkin struck Steve in the head from top to bottom, shaking him and then Gennady began to blow one blow after another that Rolls could not answer. Golovkin hit the Canadian with a decisive blow to the left on the screen. Steve Rolls could not get up – GGG win by Ko.

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After the fight, many realized that Golovkin was "going in" again. By and large, it has slowed down, and the previous speed is already over. At first glance it seemed as if Gennady had boxed with a rim. On the other hand, strikes missed again. The absence of the same speed and slowness of movement can be attributed to the age, after all, Golovkin is 37 years old. I am glad that Gennady won earlier than planned. Any other variant would criticize the Kazakhstan even more. Although there are those who liked the GGG performance against Rolls.

I personally – not very much. It's good that Gennady has powerful punches, and if not? We would have to compete with a boxer who has never played full fights before. Many will probably say that the reason lies in 9 months. The same can be.

But I have a simple explanation for that – Golovkin was not just focused on boxing. After all, he negotiated with DAZN for nine months, leaving Abel Sanchez to Jonathan Banks, arguing with former managers, and eventually taking over GGG Promotions.

We are aware that boxing has long since become a business. And the election of Steve Rolls, who was previously incomprehensible, is now explained by the fact that Gennady was not ready to compete with medium-heavy tops. That was his last fight at Madison Square Garden.

It was these tops that hit Golovkin after the fight with Rolls. WBO World Champion Demetrius Andrade said that Gennady refused to fight with him. For example, he has other priorities. The former world champion in the same organization, the Briton Billy Joe Saunders, called the meeting with Golovkin and Rolls boring.

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In general, everything is very clear in this situation – for Golovkin it is important to fight with Kanelo in September of this year. This is the ultimate goal not only for him, but also for DAZN. For this meeting, DAZN signed a contract with a Kazakh boxer. It's understandable that it's only possible to break the bank, and not through the battles of Gennady with the Rolls boxers.

After the victory over Rolls Golovkin said that he is waiting for a meeting with Saul Alvarez. The Mexican promoter confirmed that the trilogy is unavoidable. Kanelo himself only smiled at the challenge of the Kazakh boxer. Now the Mexican is not afraid of GGG and is considered a favorite in this battle.

Last year Golovkin played before the duel with Alvarez also a warm-up match with Vanes Martirosyan, who retired in two rounds. But even in the second battle Gennady was not like him.

I want to believe and hope that everything will be different this time. It is clear that time is not running in favor of GGG, but there have been pitfalls and not once when they became world champions when they were 40 years old. Gennady – 37, he still has at least five or six fights in his. You won a well-deserved victory over Kanelo in the first battle, the second, in my opinion, he lost, but now it's time to score the i. The score is 1: 1.

Ali Ahmedov and Gennady Golovkin

It is noteworthy that Golovkin – Rolls also fought at a boxing event in the promising Kazakhstan Ali Akhmedov under the auspices of GGG Promotions. Ali defeated his opponent, the American Marcus McDaniel, sovereign in the second round. And thus won the 15th victory in professional boxing. Now Ali has entered the super middleweight, before he fought at light heavyweight. He already has the title WBC International Silver. Now we have to try to take over the main title of this organization.

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Also Kazakhstan Bakhtiyar Eyyubov spoke on the undercard. Unfortunately he has lost his fight. Bakhtiar could not defeat the American Brian Ceballo. The latter won a unanimous decision.

Golovkin now has 39 wins (including 35 prematurely) at a professional level. A draw and a defeat. It is absolutely certain that Gennady's next fight will be against Saul Alvarez in September.

We can only wish the Kazakh boxer good luck. The trilogy was supposed to complete the whole story about Canelo. It is also a great opportunity to regain middleweight belts. There will be a lot at stake.


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