«Интер» – «Рома». Факты противостояния

"Inter" – "Roma". The facts of the confrontation



Inter – Roma
Football Series A.

Inter only won one of the six previous Serie A games against Roma.

For the last two home games, the Nerazzurri have not scored a single goal, and now they can for the first time since April 1992 complete three consecutive games without goals in their field.

Inter scores at the gate of the Roman "Wolves" in 9 games in a row.

In the last 12 home games, "Black and Blue" in Serie A, only once when the teams exchanged goals.

Roma lost six away games in Serie A this season. In the previous five seasons she never lost more than five fights abroad.

The Romans have met in the last 7 games.

This season, only Juventus scored more goals (22) than Roma (21) and Inter (19).

Inter will do without Marcelo Brozovich and Shima Vrsalko, while Roma will not count on Daniel De Rossi and David Santon.

The Bottom Score was played in the last 9 personal games between the Serie A clubs.

Personal meetings (general summary):
180 games – 77 inter-victories, 51 draws and 52 Roma victories.
The goal difference is 290: 232.

Personal meetings (last 10 games in Serie A):
3 Inter victories, 4 draws and 3 Roma victories.
The goal difference is 13:15.

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