In Russia, you can score up to 40. Pogrebnyak retired early


Veteran scorers from Russian leagues

In Russia, you can score up to 40. Pogrebnyak retired early

The “old men” are bombers in the professional leagues of the country. There is even a Euro prize winner.


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Pavel Pogrebnyak showed himself brightly in the last two matches – scored the winning goal against Arsenal and scored a double in the game against Dynamo. The last time a Spartak pupil scored four or more goals was in the 2014/15 season, playing for Reading. But Pavel is not the only ageless veteran in our football. In the professional leagues of the country there are several more long-lived scorers.

Alexander Alkhazov, 36 years old, forward, Olimp-Dolgoprudny (PFL)

Statistics: 15 matches, 7 goals.

This season is the most productive in the last five years in Alkhazov’s career. The 36-year-old striker did not start the championship: he received little playing time and scored only one goal in seven games. Then the situation changed: he began to appear in the starting lineup and scored six goals in seven rounds of the championship. But recently Alkhazov again dropped out of the cage: in two matches he was out of the application, came out for only seven minutes against Rodina, and played against Vladimir Torpedo on the bench.

Christian Noboa, 36, midfielder, Sochi

Statistics: 20 matches, 8 goals.

Christian Noboa

Christian Noboa

Photo: Artyom Gusev, “Championship”

Christian started the season brilliantly, shooting seven goals in his first nine RPL games. Later, the Ecuadorian suffered a ruptured thigh muscle, after which his performance decreased. Nevertheless, this season has already become one of the most successful in the midfielder’s career in terms of personal statistics. Noboa scored eight goals only in the 2010 season.

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Roman Pavlyuchenko, 39 years old, forward, Znamya (PFL)

Statistics: 14 matches, 8 goals.

The former Spartak forward manages not only to tell the Championship cool stories from his youth, but also to help the Znamya team in the second league. The bronze medalist of Euro 2008 has only one goal from the penalty spot, and the rest from the field.

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Eldar Nizamutdinov, 39 years old, forward, “Shinnik” (FNL)

Statistics: 29 matches, 9 goals.

Nizamutdinov, who once appeared in Spartak, is still running for the Yaroslavl team. The 39-year-old striker is Shinnik’s top scorer, but that doesn’t help the club much – he is last with 19 points. Yaroslavl residents have not won within their native walls since November 1, 2020. As for Nizamutdinov, at 39, he holds the bar and puts at least nine goals for the second year. In May, the captain of “Shinnik” will turn 40, and it seems he is not going to finish.

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Igor Lebedenko, 37 years old, forward, Torpedo (FNL)

Statistics: 30 matches, 10 goals.

For the second time in the last three seasons in the FNL, Lebedenko scores 10 goals and is only one goal behind his team-mate Amur Kalmykov (11 goals). The 37-year-old striker adds five assists to his stats. On the way, Lebedenko has his 150th match wearing a Torpedo shirt, for which he has already scored 34 goals. Here is one of the striker’s goals this season.

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Alexander Kutyin, 35, forward, Metallurg Lipetsk (PFL)

Statistics: 16 matches, 11 goals.

Kutyin is three goals behind the top scorer of the PFL – Group 3 (Center). Alexander has three takes this season. Kutin scored more than 10 goals per season only in the 2013/2014 season, playing for Arsenal Tula in the FNL (19 goals). Now Lipetsk Metallurg is in third place and is one point behind the leader – Saturn.

Bonus: Pavel Pogrebnyak, 37, forward, Ural

Statistics: 13 matches, 4 goals.

Pavel Pogrebnyak

Pavel Pogrebnyak

Photo: Edgar Breshchanov, “Championship”

Pogrebnyak has recently made the Ural fans happy with goals. Pavel upset his former teams this season (Spartak, Dynamo) and will now do everything possible to help the club not sink into the play-off zone. In the summer, the 37-year-old striker ends his contract, and it should not be ruled out that Pogrebnyak will still get dusty in the RPL. The Ural forward told the Championship why he decided to pursue his career.

“Maybe the coronavirus helped me. When I was in the hospital, I confess, I was scared that my career might end so absurdly. On the mend, I took a lot of efforts to overcome the stereotypes that this disease cannot be defeated. He was one of the first Russian footballers to contract this virus.

“I have no secret. I am motivated just like before. Football is my life, I play with the same passion. And passion has no age, ”said Pogrebnyak.

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