In Moscow, a footballer died on the field during a match, what happened, details of the incident


On June 26, in Moscow, at the Vernadka Park stadium, a tragedy occurred during the LFL match. 17 year old player Maxim Dobrovolsky died right on the field. We found out the details.

What happened?

The tragedy occurred in the evening during the game of the Braavos team in the LFL South-West match. Here’s what the LFL president said Dmitry Smirnov colleagues from Sport24:

– We are still figuring out the details ourselves. It happened last night. About the same thing happened as with Eriksen. Moreover, the person lost consciousness at the very beginning of the game, that is, there were no joints or fatigue as such. Plus, the game was in the evening, that is, it was already cool, there was no heat. We do not know the cause of death. We still can’t figure out who it is. He was not in the application, that is, he was a dummy player, if I may say so. This is the rarest case in our league. Now we are finding out who it is. It seems that his friend invited him to play. He received the first necessary help from the doctors who were on the field while the ambulance was driving. But it was in the equipped intensive care unit that he went later. While the ambulance was driving, the emergency call doctor consulted the doctors who were on the field by phone. I repeat, now we are finding out all the details.

“He was dead.” Eriksen experienced clinical death

What teammates and player friend say

We contacted the vice-captain of the Braavos team, Vasily. He told us the details:

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– Yes, I took part in yesterday’s game. Literally five minutes have passed since the start of the game, no load, no joints. The guy ran and fell. And that’s all. We tried to provide first aid. They thought it was overheating, poured water on the back of his head, turned him over on his side. Then the condition began to worsen, an ambulance was immediately called. They waited for her, according to my feelings, for about 15 minutes. The carriage was not on duty near the stadium. On the one hand, this is abnormal, on the other, it is LFL. I don’t know how this is regulated.

I met a guy while playing. This is a friend of our player who has already been announced. Yes, we violated the application rule, but no one goes through a medical examination anyway. The very fact of the application was violated, because they did not have time to get into the deadline. We wanted to announce the next one. There were not enough players, they wanted to find more, because of the heat. And so our player said that there is a friend who is ready to play for us.

His name was Maxim Dobrovolsky, a 17-year-old boy. It’s a pity, young guy. And absolutely out of the blue. Really like the situation with Eriksen, but there is professional football. The doctors did not tell us the cause of death.

The Euro player got sick during the match. He collapsed right into the field!
The Euro player got sick during the match. He collapsed right into the field!

We will definitely ask the family if our help is needed. We are ready to support as much as possible. We will contact them and talk.

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We managed to get through to Maxim’s friend – Timofey Vyatkin… He also took part in the game. Timofey has huge questions about organizing the match and personally to LFL President Smirnov:

– We were invited to the team for viewing by our common friend. We arrived at the game, went to the stadium. Nothing boded trouble, Max was in absolutely normal condition. It took five minutes of the game, Maxim during this time struck only one blow. Then he just walked back and collapsed. We all ran up, my friend, who was on the podium, took his tongue out of his throat and turned him on his side. At that moment, I looked around the stadium in search of a medical worker who is required to be present at the stadium, according to the regulations. This is a mandatory item. But the worker was nowhere to be found, which contradicts the LFL statement. We immediately called an ambulance, but it arrived in about 20 minutes. Then the second ambulance, then resuscitation. But they could not save him.

I am offended to hear statements by LFL President Dmitry Smirnov. He stated that Max received help from medical professionals. But this is just an attempt to justify itself and save the reputation. In fact, there were no paramedics, and Maxim was dying on my friend’s lap. There has not been a medical report yet, but most likely it is a cardiac arrest. The case is really one-on-one as with Eriksen. Now they say that, they say, Max was not announced. But what’s the difference. He was obliged to get help from a paramedic. But he was not at the stadium.

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Does the LFL president face criminal liability?

The absence of a health worker is a flagrant violation of the regulations. What does this threaten LFL President Smirnov, we asked the lawyer Andrey Knyazev:

– Initiation of a criminal case against the LFL president in connection with the death of a football player is almost impossible. There must be a causal relationship between the onset of death and the absence or not the fastest arrival of an ambulance. Usually, such a connection is extremely rare. There may be disciplinary conclusions, but criminal liability, I repeat, is hardly possible.

Even if it is established that, due to the president’s fault, there was no ambulance at the stadium, this is not a violation that leads to criminal liability. May be removed from office, reprimanded, and enforced to improve security. The head of the league is not responsible for the health of each athlete. The causes of death may be generally different, health is still not fully understood. First of all, they will proceed from a forensic medical examination. Maybe all of the player’s problems were innate. And not everyone can be saved by an ambulance. And if there was an ambulance, but an insufficiently qualified doctor, also to plant?

If the ambulance was standing, it was reported that the person was feeling bad, and she took it and left – then yes. When there was no ambulance or arrived at the wrong time, I repeat, hardly.

“Championship” expresses its sincere condolences to the family and friends of Maxim Dobrovolsky.

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