How will Tedesco deal with Rubin and the Hwiches personally? There are several options


After being defeated by Dynamo in the cup derby, it is important for Spartak to rehabilitate in the RPL and start its spring part with a victory. The game against Rubin in many respects determines the mood with which the red-and-whites will generally spend the finishing segment. The test is very difficult, you cannot make a mistake, otherwise the pressure will increase hundreds of times. But Kazan under the leadership Leonid Slutsky today they are powerful and aggressive – and Tedesco probably devoted a lot of time to thinking about how he could build his football on Sunday.

This is far from the case when you can only start from yourself. It is important to look back at your opponent as well.

Initial data: the main strength of today’s Rubin lies in its flanks. Moreover, it is in both

At the winter training camp, Slutsky continued to improve the team within the framework of the 4-3-3 scheme, which, in comparison with the previous 4-2-3-1, allows him to most clearly reveal the capabilities of the flank players. On the left edge of Kazan, Samoshnikov’s jet ligament was drawn and Kvaratskhelia, runs on the right Makarov with his very dangerous offsets to the center and an amazing left leg.

It will be difficult for everyone to play against Rubin in the spring. Hvichi’s current form scares opponents

One of the main tactical questions of the spring in the RPL: ​​how to defend against the team of Leonid Slutsky?

When playing against Rubin, it is important to control not only one specific flank, but both at once. If you suddenly pull the players into the ball zone and try to neutralize Hvichi’s ligament as much as possible and Samoshnikov, then you can immediately get a diagonal behind the back on Makarov – straight or through a quick intermediate pass. He will be isolated in space, will abruptly go under the left and break through. Long transfers are put on stream in Rubin, they are well received both by Kvarakhzelia himself and all the central midfielders: Abildgor, Musaev, Yevtich, Shatov.

Khvicha finished the last test match of Rubin ahead of schedule at the training camp against Kairat – he managed to score, after which he left the field in the 30th minute. But if you believe the club site and social networks, in the following days the Georgian trained in the general group – and flew to Moscow too. Therefore, the most important task for Tedesco will be precisely the maximum neutralization of flank sharpness.

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The transition to the old 5-3-2 system will be a justified decision for Spartak. The question is, is this scheme relevant at all?

Tedesco insisted to the last that he would keep the 3-5-2 structure as the main structure, but in the very first game of the spring he used 4-2-3-1, turning in episodes into 4-4-2, which he played all winter. That is, his words have turned out to be a bluff so far.

On Sunday we will be able to finally understand whether Tedesco was cunning or was telling the truth. The match against Rubin is an ideal excuse to return to your favorite scheme, as it will better allow you to control the entire width of the field. In this case, the Maslov – Zhigo – Jikia trio will reunite in the center of defense, Moses, and on the left – Ayrton… The two flank defenders will receive additional insurance, and the most dangerous zone of Khvichi will be insured by the disciplined defender Maslov… In the fall, when Spartak won 2: 0 in Kazan, played against Kvaratskhelia Zobnin… But now at 3-5-2 it will be more needed in the middle.

A separate issue is the search for balance in the center of the field. Against Dynamo Tedesco did not achieve it: Hendrix and Umyarov turned out to be of the same type, did not give the required volume of movement, and Zobnin, sent to the right flank, was lost there. Now Kral should return to the cage – and Tedesco has four defensive midfielders to choose from. It seems that the most promising alignment is a triangle, the apex of which is directed downward: Hendrix (or Umyarov) in the role of the “six”, Zobnin is to the right (he will just be able to help defend on the flank against Kvaratskhelia and close its displacements in the middle), Kral – to the left. With such a formation, Hendrix (or Umyarov) will play from the depths, and mobile Kral and Zobnin will give the necessary volume of independent movement and filling zones.

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The problem is that Spartak has not played 5-3-2 for a relatively long time, and even more so with a triangle, where there is a six and two eights – in the fall, there were most often two eights and ten Bakaev… And it’s strange to think that the team will immediately remember the old principles in a short time – there is a share of risk. The second factor that raises doubts is that in such a composition the team may be limited in creation (there are few sharp players with subtle decisions ahead). And if you add Bakaev to the scheme, then the balance will completely disappear again.

Therefore, the option with the transition to 5-3-2 looks interesting, but still more likely from the outside seem to be the next 4-2-3-1.

If 4-2-3-1 (4-4-2), how do you find the balance?

When using the model with two central defenders, “Spartak” will have two places in the supporting zone. In this case, the most likely variant of the match with Dynamo, which Tedesco chose, including taking into account the activity of the opponent on the left flank – Lesovoy is inferior in sharpness to Khvich, but is also strong individually.

Spartak’s new scheme raises questions so far. And Moses was one of the best in the red and white

Analysis of the cup derby, where Dynamo won thanks to discipline and two standards, not constructive football.

Maslov should become the right-back in the 4-2-3-1 formation, this is not even discussed. Pavel will not give the required volume in the attack, but he is able to adequately resist one-on-one. For example, against Lesovoy a week ago he won 13 martial arts out of 15. But one Maslov on the right edge is not enough: additional insurance is needed in case of frequent runs of a fast Samoshnikov. We need a footballer who is not inferior to Rubin’s left-back in speed and endurance. Spartak has only one option – Zobnin. If you put a sharp one on the edge of Bakaev’s attack, you may get into trouble with reaching your own penalty area.

In this case, Kral and Hendrix (Umyarov) will form a pair of defensive players – and this will just be a step towards the balance between deep play and volume of movement. Ponce will become a drawn forward, and Sobolev will become a central one. And on the left, along with Ayrton, apparently, Moses will start – he needs to rehabilitate himself for Dynamo, there should be a lot of motivation. Although there are fears that a couple of times he will forget about the game and sit fifth in the line if necessary.

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Will Promes come out?

The main personnel problem of Spartak is disqualification Larsson, which he received back in December in the match against Zenit. Without him, Tedesco has two clean centers left Ponce and Sobolev… Both are more comfortable playing advanced strikers, but Ponce is able to sink a little deeper and focus more on working in the quickdraw or flank areas.

Are the chances of seeing in the starting lineup high Promesa? He last played on January 28th. And the last full match was on the 20th. During the period of negotiations, starting in February, Quincy did not even work with the Ajax base, he trained according to an individual program. Only being inside, you can clearly understand the level of a football player’s readiness, but after a month’s downtime, his game on a winter field and without a proper weekly cycle can turn into health problems.

“I will leave when Spartak becomes the champion again.” Promes is back!

And already promises Dziuba difficulties.

Spartak is unlikely to want to lose an important footballer immediately after signing him, so an exit in the second half seems to be the best scenario. But the number of minutes depends on the course of the game – if the red and white have a hard time before the break, then it is possible that Quincy will be thrown into battle immediately from the 46th. After all, this is the very game when you can’t lose – and you have to take risks.

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