Goncharenko got scared of Lokomotiv and made a mess with the scheme. The plan didn’t work at all


Viktor Goncharenko before the derby with Lokomotiv, it was necessary to solve two problems at once. First, replace those who drop out due to illness Akinfeeva and Diveeva, and also not included in the application Dzagoeva, secondly, to take into account and make a fine adjustment to the unusual structure of the opponent with a diamond in the center of the field.

Lokomotiv pleasantly surprised us in winter. Nikolic changed the formation, the team shows powerful football

Young people play a prominent role, even the “dead” Kamano in the fall has come to life!

As a result, the head coach of CSKA chose the 4-3-3 formation – Akhmetov in the role of the lower defensive player, Maradishvili and Zainutdinov two “eights”, Vlašić on the left flank of the attack, and Sigurdsson on the right. Lokomotiv, on the other hand, did not surprise those who followed the team at the training camp: despite the absence of important for the system Ignatieva, Nikolic trusted the “diamond”, simply placing on the vacant place Kulikova… Zhemaletdinov in the top ten and a pair of forwards Lisakovich – Kamano are already classics.

CSKA shoveled the entire structure, but this negatively affected the attack

There were several interesting moments in the “army team” scheme. Why not Maradishvili, namely Akhmetov in the role of the lower defensive player? Why is Vlašić on the left flank and not in the middle? We will try to understand Goncharenko’s plans.

A 4-3-3 with a triangle pointing downwards is a direct consequence of adjusting to the alien diamond for the distribution of players on the defensive. With this scheme, your bottom defensive player plays according to someone else’s top ten (Akhmetov – according to Zhemaletdinov), your two “eights” – according to other people’s “eights” (Zainutdinov and Maradishvili according to Krykhovyak and Kulikov). Then there is less risk that free opponents are walking between the lines – Goncharenko, who saw Lokomotiv’s sparring at the training camp, was very afraid of this.

Akhmetov in the role of the lower defensive player is most likely a desire to improve the ball advance in the first stage of the attack. Ilzat does it better than Maradishvili. Vlašić on the left flank – the desire to put pressure on the problem area of ​​Lokomotiv. On the right in the defense of the “railroad” is the nominal striker Rybchinsky, while the insurance in the face of one of the “eights” may be delayed. That is, Goncharenko wanted to leave the Croatian midfielder as often as possible one on one with Rybczynski and explode the edge with this.

Vlašić really did most of his touches in the first half close to the left sideline, he even beat Rybczynski one-on-one several times, but the benefit from this was minimal: Nikola buried himself in the endline, rarely got the opportunity to remove the ball under the right, the sharpness of the zone of the left flank gave birth to a minimum. Several canopies passed from Maradishvili and Shchennikova, but they also took place in episodes when Lokomotiv was correctly positioned along the alignment. At some point, even in the first half, Vlašić became very cramped – and he began to leave in the middle, only these were spontaneous episodes.

Big problems were observed with constructiveness in the middle of the field: in combinations where Zainutdinov and Maradishvili work between the lines, and Akhmetov supports them from the depths, there was not a single player who was able to correctly propose himself between the lines and turn around with the ball. This could have been done by Dzagoev, if he had not dropped out of the cage, or Vlašić, if he had not been locked at the edge. Therefore, CSKA did not really create anything from the game before the break. The main point is the blow Rondon into the near corner after a quick attack.

Nobody wants to be a champion? CSKA Moscow without Akinfeev missed the chance to get closer to Zenit

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Now more likely Lokomotiv would have fought gold if it had not lagged behind in the first part of the RPL season.

Because of the “diamond” of Lokomotiv, CSKA refused high pressure. “Army men” gave freedom to Chorluka and Pablo

Goncharenko understood that high pressure against an opponent playing a “diamond” was difficult: there are always four foreign players in the center of the field, it is difficult to control everyone if you force your forwards to run over other central defenders one-on-one. Both Rostov and Krasnodar tried to put pressure on the “railroad workers” at the training camp, but nothing worked: Nikolic’s team was constantly pushing the ball forward with the help of excess and accelerating its attacks.

Therefore, the CSKA coaching staff abandoned the high pressure. Red and blue kept compactness in the middle: Akhmetov, Maradishvili and Zainutdinov dismantled Zhemaletdinova, Krykhovyaka and Mukhina, Rondon played on the lower defensive midfielder Mukhin, and Vlašić and SigurdssonInitially located in the center, they controlled the passes to the full-backs, that is, they moved from the middle.

Despite the compactness, CSKA still had problems. At first, Chorluka and Pablo – not those defenders who can be given the freedom and time to make a decision, both have a quality start to the attack. Especially with a Croat. Secondly, in the positional defense of the “army men” there was a lack of mutual understanding and aggression. Lokomotiv players moved between the lines, from time to time Akhmetov and Maradishvili missed them.

Kamano popped out between the lines

Kamano popped out between the lines

Although, in general, if CSKA pressed high and took risks, there could be much more problems. Therefore, one can agree with the defense style of the “army team”. Lokomotiv scored not because of the opponent’s structural problems, but because of the individual mistakes of the red and blue.

Both goals of Lokomotiv are the result of the highest level of performance. But Vasin also contributed

Before the first goal, a cool action made Kulikov – took the ball away from the stalled Zainutdinov on the right flank, after which, together with Zhemaletdinov, they brought the ball out of the cluster, and Kulikov launched a forward pass between the two central defenders Lisakovich

The performance of the Belarusian striker is amazing. Great first touch, fast play, clear shot.

But I want to pay attention to the actions Vasina – when Magnusson pulled into the flank, it was worth observing the horizontal distance and dragging Mario along. And the defense of CSKA was too stretched – and Lisakovich dived into this zone, he had too much space for dribbling. Then Vasin waved his foot in the selection, but this is just to be expected, it is hard for Viktor against technical opponents.

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The second goal is, first of all, Krykhovyak’s fantastic long-range shot from the left. And only in the second – the bad defense of CSKA against a quick attack (after all, the Pole did not jump out one-on-one, from this position he still had to execute). However, it was still possible to defend oneself better.

At 1: 0, Lokomotiv got the opportunity to play according to the score, and its scheme became doubly inconvenient for CSKA, because it implied a difficult game against fast attacks. Ahead of the “railroad” were two forwards, Lisakovich and Kamano, plus Zhemaletdinov – in this combination, it is convenient to run away in counter-attacks, both with the help of direct transmissions behind the back (there is Kamano), and with the help of a preliminary pass to the guy (there are Zhemaletdinov and Lisakovich with a sharp reception).

So before the second goal, CSKA was in a difficult situation: Shchennikov in half-position, Vasin and Magnusson one to one by two attackers. And again there are doubts about the correctness of Vasin’s maneuver. The requirements may be different, but it seems that at some point he just had to throw Kamano (especially with his low aggression and harshness) and not run so deep after him. It was necessary to work according to the principle: I started to squeeze out – I slowed down someone else’s attack – I handed the opponent over to my partner – I stayed in the zone.

Vasin, on the other hand, ran away very far, did not take the ball away and did not foul, and as a result, there was just not enough man in his zone against Krykhovyak.

CSKA used the standards ugly, did not convert any of 11 corners and four free throws

Goncharenko’s team took 11 corners and four free throws, but created the minimum amount of sharpness. The most dangerous moment was Vasin’s blow and finishing Kuchaeva after a free kick at the beginning of the second half – it happened from the second pace. CSKA lost the first touch. The red and blue did not find how to counter the alien zone defense. Lokomotiv defended almost exemplarily.

The more understandable CSKA came out in the second half – and there was much more pressure

In the second half, Goncharenko abandoned the total adjustment to the opponent and returned to the usual 4-2-3-1 structure. In it Ejuke turned into a left striker, Zainutdinov sank into defense, Vlasich went to the middle and began to get more freedom in movement and search for the ball, Kuchaev settled down on the right flank.

The advantages became noticeable immediately: CSKA managed to organize real pressure, the starting 15-minute segment of the second half, the nominal guests won 74 by 26 in possession, 1.2 by 0.13 in the number of attacks per minute, and in total in the second half the red-blue 13 hits against five in the first.

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Ejuke, despite a few ridiculous decisions, still benefited. Lokomotiv understood that the Nigerian should not be left alone, so it provided additional safety net. Once in the cluster, Ejuke often went to the middle, after which he deployed an attack to the right to Mario Fernandez

This is exactly what CSKA categorically lacked in the first half. One of the problems of the “diamond” is the control of the far wide point of the field, three midfielders do not have time to move horizontally if they stretch the attack with long transfers. But before the break, CSKA did not use sharp turns at all. With the release of Edzhuke, they appeared – only one Nigerian performed three transfers, and each time Mario found himself in space and got the opportunity to approach the penalty area.

Yes, Ejuke is still very problematic in his decisions and does not know how to apply his dribbling. But with him and Kuchaev, CSKA became sharper and more aggressive – that’s a fact.

And also in the second half, CSKA began to put pressure on Lokomotiv more aggressively at someone else’s penalty area, especially when it was out of the gate. It turned out all the same so-so, although there was nowhere to go, I had to try to take the ball high.

Rondon is still weak. Sigurdsson also drops out

The experienced Venezuelan forward made three strikes and amassed 0.46 xG, but in general his influence on the attacking structure of CSKA is still too low. He is not enough in the game (11 assists in 67 minutes with a lot of possession – too modest figure), he fights little and poorly (eight duels, two victorious; at the top – one of two). Rondon was taken not only as a scorer, but also as a striker-function, who would help in the quickdraw. Now Salomon does not do this, he still needs to get in shape.

The same goes for Sigurdsson – zero benefit in attack, bad fight, minimum of sharp actions. It is not entirely clear why Goncharenko is betting on the Icelander.

At Lokomotiv, almost all the players played at a high level. Including young Mukhin (gave out more than all martial arts – 29) and Kulikov. Compared to the CSKA midfielders in the first half, they were smart, voluminous, mobile and technical.


CSKA adjusted too much to Lokomotiv and neglected its principles. If everything worked out, we would have shouted about the genius of the coach, but in the end, the changes only hindered the team in the first half.

The railroad workers weren’t better offensively, but played extremely collected in defense and allowed few chances, and showed the highest level of execution ahead of them. At the same time, the personnel losses of the red-greens are even more impressive than those of CSKA.

Goncharenko needs to deal with the optimal structure and do everything possible so that such a weak first half does not happen again. It is not yet seen that the red and blue are moving forward compared to the fall.

Used data from Wyscout and graphical tool Tactic Lite.

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