Former coach of Aslan Karatsev: In 2008 I was afraid that lenders would take away the tennis academy


Former coach of a Russian tennis player Aslana Karatseva In an interview with, Alexander Kuprin told how he played tennis with director Nikita Mikhalkov at his academy in Taganrog.

– When the banking crisis began in 2008, I was afraid that my creditors would take away my academy. Therefore, I borrowed from individuals, refinanced, I was lent by foreign exchange dealers at 10%, I borrowed elsewhere to give it to foreign exchange dealers.

And then I was sitting on the seashore and thinking where to get 16 million, drew zeros in the sand, when the out of breath chairman of the Taganrog sports committee called me:

– Sasha, Sasha, faster! Where are you?
– Are you going to give money to the academy? Where to run?
– There Mikhalkov came to you, go meet urgently.

I arrived, there is no Mikhalkov, no one. But three days later I arrive at the academy, get out of the car – there is Nikita Sergeevich Mikhalkov, a bunch of cars, the mayor, bodyguards. And Yura Golubev comes up to me – a man who has worked for 15 years as Nikita Sergeevich’s personal bodyguard, his personal physical training coach, a master in 11 sports, a unique person, a legend …

– Wait, you mean? In 11 sports?
– Yes. This is generally a man of amazing destiny. He knows all the artists, the entire FSO knows him by sight and lets him go to any events with the president’s participation. Once we arrived at Mikhalkov’s 65th birthday at GUM – they let us in everywhere, because we were with him, and he is a confidant.

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He is not only Mikhalkov’s personal trainer, but also Putin and Medvedev. He has many stories, for example, how Putin was coached. They are three of them in the gym with Mikhalkov, and Mikhalkov is pressing one weight, and for Vladimir Vladimirovich Yura he removes pancakes and sets less. Putin to him: “Why are you putting less pancakes on me?” He says that at first he was confused, and then he says: “Vladimir Vladimirovich, you have a smaller weight category.” – “Then, it’s OK”.

When Putin came to Mikhalkov’s dacha, Yura was the only one who could be in the bathhouse, he hovered them, and he is also a security guard, he closed the entire security pyramid. But for all seriousness this is a comedy man. He heated a bathhouse for them: “I look out the window, everything is already blinking, everything is at the entrance, and I decided to put it into the park bathhouse, only instead of water I splashed a chemical with which they disinfected everything and left it standing. the stench is terrible. And through this smoke I look out the window, and the president is already walking into the bathhouse with Mikhalkov. ” In general, he jumped out, said something, agreed that Mikhalkov would first conduct an excursion to Putin, while he would put the bath in order.

… So he comes up to me at the academy in Taganrog:

– What is your name?
– Alexander.
– Yura, very nice. We’ve been here for a month and a half. We will come to play tennis every day.

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They filmed an episode of Burnt by the Sun 2: The Citadel, so they ended up filming all the kids of the academy. My daughter was then 13 years old, she starred with Nadya Mikhalkova as a pioneer. And this month and a half turned into a fairy tale for us: in the mornings we played with Nikita on the courts, Aslan trained …

– Does Mikhalkov play well?
– Not bad, yes. He was the head of the tennis federation before Tarpishchev. So from the courts we went to the shooting. They filmed the bombing, crowd scenes, pyrotechnics, everyone fell, it was very interesting.

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