Former coach Klitschko: “Now Usyk is draining Joshua’s fight, it’s just making money”


Sergei Gorodnichev, a former member of the coaching staff of Vladimir Klitschko, believes that mandatory contender for the WBO heavyweight title, Alexander Usik, is seeking a fight against WBA / WBO / IBF champion Anthony Joshua solely for the sake of money.

Alexander Usik

“The tendril is in a state of stability. As a boxer he is handsome, no questions at all. Everything is there: technique, tactics. There are moments, like everyone else. The kid is waiting, he has to wait. Now he is not interested in Joshua, they just rock. Eddie Hearn is an artist. If there was this fight, it would have already taken place. They are waiting for one day, we will give 48 hours – these are the tales of Tsar Saltan. There, Fury rules everything there, and we are waiting for them to settle down there.

Usyk can beat Joshua, but Anthony has a better chance. He just needs to box. I said that with Khrgovich it would be an ideal moment to box him, go the distance. You can fight with Parker, with the same Joyce. But to jump … They want to make money. You know, there is such a thing – “drain the battle”. So he leaked the fight. Do you understand what I want to say? Here Chisora ​​leaked Usik a fight for money – he received more than Alexander. People are dumping fights for money. He knows that he will not win, but will earn money.

Now Usyk is losing the fight, he cannot win against Joshua at the moment. Just making a dough, and he doesn’t care about it, they say, because he has an extreme opportunity to earn money, “said Sergei Gorodnichev in a live broadcast of the Boxerskaya Pravda resource on Instagram.

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