Former coach Klitschko: “For Lomachenko, a gold medal in Beijing was worth $ 700 thousand”


Sergei Gorodnichev, who was part of the coaching staff of Vladimir Klitschko and was responsible for sparring partners, claims that Vasily Lomachenko’s victory at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing cost 700 thousand dollars, but the boxer himself did not even know about it.

Vasily Lomachenko

“At the Olympics, everything is decided, everything is already distributed there. AIBA knows all the leaders, and it has already been allocated what it costs. For example, if you box in Ukraine, then there are leaders there. There are not 12 of them, but 3-4. They box, they win – there are no complaints about them. And there are guys who can be stuck in, and there are already agreements there. It’s just that no one talks about it or is afraid. I’m not afraid of anything, I’ve already stopped.

At the Olympics, a gold medal, for example, for Saitov was worth a million dollars. For Vasya Lomachenko, a medal in Beijing was worth 700 thousand. It’s just that Vasya doesn’t know this, and the coaches don’t know. They only know this (points up, – approx.).

Money is being brought to the Olympics. I don’t know about London. I know about Beijing that they brought in 100% for Vasya. He just doesn’t know it, nobody knows. There is a certain circle. I just had an information leak. Then there was a different president in the Boxing Federation of Ukraine. He was not told what he was told, but was simply given to win, and that’s it, ”said Sergei Gorodnichev in a live broadcast of the Bokserskaya Pravda resource on Instagram.

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