For what does Sharipova accuse the deputy Khusnulin?


The manager of Kazakh boxer Firuza Sharipova, Sergei Zavileysky, in an interview with the correspondent of spoke at length about the conflict with the State Duma deputy Ravil Khusnulin.

It should be remembered that Ravil Khusnulin is chairman of the Organizing Committee of the International Festival of Beauty and Sport "Sportkras-2019", to which Firuz Sharipova was originally invited as a guest and then as a jury. At the last moment, however, the deputy refused to participate in this competition.

– The situation is this: at the end of the past – at the beginning of this year, Firuzu was invited to participate in a beauty contest – Sergey started the conversation. – We have arranged and booked these dates (from 2 to 7 April). We have prepared all the documents the organizers have requested from us. About a week before the start of the competition, one of the organizers called us and said we would hand over Firuzu to the jury. Because she is a media person and all that. We agreed. Two or three days before departure one of the organizers wrote that the chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Sportkras-2019 Festival, Deputy Ravil Khusnulin, had decided to exclude Firuzu from this competition. Supposedly because of the fact that she is not ready. On Sunday I called this deputy, he told me in boorish form, without explaining that Firouz was not ready. At the same time without explaining exactly what it is not finished. He began to talk about her lack of national dress, although she has many. He said that there is no video, although they did not ask us to record. In fact, we have many videos, we could easily deploy any video. And hung up.

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By agreement, our sites had to buy tickets depending on the location of the competition. We bought tickets for about 16-17 thousand rubles (92-98 thousand tenge). This was done two or three weeks before the competition. We have sent the departure and arrival time to the organizers to meet us. They asked to send everything by e-mail, passport, etc. That's all we did. Well, they should have flown quietly and participated in the competition.

Three days before departure, we get the answer that we are not flying. We immediately filed a complaint with the chairman of the organizing committee of the festival, in which case we ask them to reimburse us for the cost of the tickets. And as if we were closing in this situation. Received a negative answer. Now we want to complain. At the moment, our lawyer is studying all the correspondence that we have provided to him and there are indications of our correctness. We will file a request for reimbursement to the court. In addition to the tickets, our lawyer offers to add moral damage and loss of time.

– In this context, were there any proposals for a duel for these dates and how did this situation affect the preparation of Firuza Sharipova?

– We have given the organizers the guarantee that we will participate in the competition. At the beginning of the year we booked these dates. When we were offered bouts on those dates, we simply did not accept them.

– Was a financial reward offered for participation in this competition? Maybe the rejection of the organizers was somehow connected with money?

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"As far as I know, there should have been no financial reward." Few people told us it was not clear. Very difficult was the communication by the competition, which was recognized by the organizers themselves and said they had confusion inside. For us, these rewards were not so important. The situation is such that all participants arrive there at their own expense.

– What interest did Firuza Sharipova have in participating in this competition? And do you have any idea why the honorable Member refused at the last moment?

– It does not have to be a cash interest. Firouz performed most of her battles without charge. The only interest was to win titles and raise the flag of Kazakhstan to world level. And many of the awards Firouz received were not backed by any material. For example, in 2017-2018, Firuza was among the top 10 most prominent women in Kazakhstan. She became an athlete, man of the year. There were no cash rewards. Gave a statuette, a diploma. And about the same situation with the festival.

Why the deputy behaved like that – I have no explanation. I asked him a question, but I have never received an answer from him. The answer was that only he decides there, only he manages the budget. And all. This is strange for us.


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