Football transfers – Summer 2021, former Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero signs with Barcelona


Barcelona announced the signing of a contract with Sergio Aguero… The 32-year-old Argentinian has left the club as a free agent after ten years at Manchester City. He will now play alongside his friend and team-mate Argentina Lionel Messi… Judging by the compensation spelled out in Aguero’s contract, he will not leave the capital of Catalonia soon.

“His statue will be at our stadium.” How Aguero became a Manchester City legend

Farewell to the legend who gave ten years to Manchester City

The Argentine can really be called a City legend. He gave this club ten years, brought his first goal in 44 years in the 2011/2012 Premier League season with his goal against Queens Park Rangers (3: 2), and also promised to leave the team only if he won the Champions League. …

Unfortunately, the latter was not implemented. Aguero could not hold back his tears after losing in the final and left the team due to the end of the contract.

But Kuhn managed to write his name in the history of the club. Having won the Premier League for the fifth time this season, the Argentine became the most titled player in Manchester City – 15 trophies. According to this indicator, he bypassed the former player of the team Silva.

Already in the last round of the Premier League, Aguero scored a brace in the match with Everton (5: 0), breaking the record of ex-Manchester United striker Rooney for the number of accurate shots per club in the league. The Argentine scored 184 goals, beating the Englishman by one goal.

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And after the game with the “toffee” Josep Guardiola burst into tears, answering the question about Sergio’s departure from Manchester City.

“We love him madly. This is a special person for all of us. He is so good. We cannot replace him. It’s impossible. Many players have helped Manchester City. Aguero demonstrated his qualities in the half hour that he spent today on the field, “said the emotionally charged Guardiola

Aguero himself said goodbye to the English club and its fans on Twitter.

“I am proud of my team and the fact that for many years I have defended the colors of this club. “Manchester City” is forever in my heart, ”wrote the forward.

At the end of March, Manchester City’s press office announced that the player and the club had decided not to renew the expiring agreement. Then there were rumors about the possible transfer of the striker to Barcelona.

Two months later, the Catalan club officially announced the signing of a two-year contract with the footballer.

But if the term of the agreement did not surprise anyone, then the amount of compensation for the Argentinean was quite impressive. Barcelona and Sergio Aguero have reached a transfer agreement that will take effect on 1 July when his contract with Manchester City ends. The player signed a contract before the end of the 2022/2023 season, which includes a compensation clause of € 100 million, ”the press service of the Catalan club said.

Aguero’s move to the Catalan club can be seen as a move by the new president, Joan Laporta. He wants to convince Messi to stay at Barcelona and for this he called his good friend to the team, with whom they have known for more than 15 years and played together in the Argentina youth team.

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Aguero is the perfect transfer for Barcelona.  He will persuade Messi to stay and strengthen the team
Aguero is the perfect transfer for Barcelona. He will persuade Messi to stay and strengthen the team

“We were at the training camp with the national team. I was with players under 16, and he was with players of a different age category and was preparing for the South American Youth Championship. We all stayed together. I remember there was a kid I saw on TV when he was at Barcelona. We all sat at the table. Garay, Leo, Formica and me. Leo was in front of me, and Garai asks him about the sneakers. Leo says, “I got them from the USA.” Then I started thinking to myself – United States?

He was right in front of me. Then I thought he was playing in the USA. And then he quietly asked him: “What is your name?” And he says: Leo. And I said, “No, what’s your name?” He told Lionel and laughed. “What is your surname?” Messi.
Garay and Formica looked at me and said, “Do you know who this is?” They all laughed. This is how we first became friends. After that we trained together, and I always remembered that incident. Then we became very good friends. I was called up to the U20 national team and we started playing together. It was before the World Cup, and since then we have always lived together in the same room at the training camp, ”said Aguero.

In addition, later Leo baptized his son Sergio, so now they are no longer just friends, but relatives, who very soon will enter the field not only in the shirt of the Argentine national team, but also of Barcelona.

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