Football club “Nizhny Novgorod” is experiencing financial problems before the start in the Russian championship


Another beggar club will appear in the RPL? The season has not started, but Nizhny is already asking for money

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But “Orenburg”, which has order with finances, was not allowed into the elite. Where is the logic?

I don’t even want to be ironic about the cycle of problem clubs in the RPL. It is useless to kick the RFU and their licensing system, appeal to the conscience of regional leaders and talk again about global reforms that exist only in PDF files. Nothing changes anyway. Over and over again we are faced with the same problems, as if there is a unique code for their receipt: in the new season in the Russian championship, a club will play whose budget will end by the fall.

10 Russian free agents. Former national team players are looking for clubs
10 Russian free agents. Former national team players are looking for clubs

The SOS signal was launched by Nizhny Novgorod in advance. We went along the classic path for state employees – we scribbled a tearful appeal to the Minister of Sportsand Oleg Matytsin. True, not through the head of the region. According to Kommersant, the appeal was drawn up by the President of the Football Federation of the Nizhny Novgorod Region Vladimir Afanasyev. He asked Matytsin to help the club find a general sponsor. Otherwise, the budget will remain in the region of 300 million rubles. And with him in the RPL, you can finish the game at most until the end of autumn.

I wonder what Afanasyev was counting on? That he will be immediately sent a pool of large enterprises to choose from? And he will decide who is more suitable? Of course, this is only possible in a world where investing in football is economically viable. In Russia, funding is carried out either by personal agreement, or by compulsion under the guise of social responsibility. But for the sake of Nizhny Novgorod, hardly anyone will strain ties.

In general, the club had a plan. As far as I know, the management associated high expectations with the arrival of Alexandra Kerzhakova. Allegedly, there was an agreement that another 300 million rubles would fly into the club with him. I don’t know what kind of sponsor promised to donate such an amount, but it is quite possible that it was about one of the subsidiaries of Gazprom. Probably something went wrong at the end of the story. Kerzhakov was indeed appointed head coach, but the sponsor never showed up. The remaining amount (about 300-350 million more) in Nizhny was expected to be received in a comprehensive manner (commercial activities, payment from a TV contract, local sponsorship, sale of players in winter).

The Russian national team players can relax. Nobody will touch their salaries
The Russian national team players can relax. Nobody will touch their salaries

But this whole plan is useless if the general sponsor does not appear by the beginning of the season. Perhaps there will be enough money for a couple of months, and then the classic stories for poor clubs will be used: salary delays, letters of guarantee to airlines and hotels, strange bookmaker odds – and as a result, we will get a team that is absolutely incapable of creating competition and intensity fight. But this is precisely what officials from the RFU are so concerned about.

Let’s go back to that very licensing. The RFU did not admit to the RPL “Orenburg” – a club with the most stable financial position, but without the necessary stadium. But he gladly included Nizhny Novgorod, which has nothing but the arena built for the World Cup and subsidies from the region.
It would be interesting to know how the club was licensed in the financial part. But they are unlikely to tell us about it. We do not recognize our own shoals for a long time.

You missed the second Tambov in the RPL so much. Everything goes to the fact that we get it.

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