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On the morning of the 3rd of November, the UFC 244 takes place in New York. presents a preview of the upcoming event.

Stockton blow against street dog

The famous UFC gangster Nate Diaz will perform in the main fight of the evening. Over the course of his long career at MMA, 34-year-old Diaz, like his older brother Nick, has been given the title of villain in MMA. Two brothers from the dysfunctional Stockton with a code of 209 are rightly considered the most ruthless and tough in the MMA. Many fans behind the mask of a gangster and not the smartest fighter may not realize how good Nate really is. First and foremost, it is worth mentioning that the youngest Diaz boxing excellently. Nate's slightly awkward, sloshing and strange posture provokes his rivals to make frequent mistakes. The main weapon in Nate's boxing is the classic Deuce. During the game, Diaz literally throws an opponent in dozens of punches. Among other things, the fighter uses shining shocks with arm lengths. Nate is constantly moving forward, pushing opponents. Nathan in a clinch shuts off the opponent's hands perfectly and works actively on the body.

Diaz loves to break the distance quickly and then go into the clinch to exhaust the fighters. Tired rivals await another racket from Nate in the rack, and then he puts the fighters on the ground thanks to phenomenal stamina. Yes, someone will say that Diaza takes marihuana, which is allowed in California, but both are active in triathlon. 25 minutes in the octagon are the absolute norm for Nate. But the main weapon of Nate Diaz is the argument. Two brothers train under the guidance of Crohn Gracie, a member of the famous Jitser family. Like a real chess player, Nate knows in advance how the opponent moves in the stable. To increase confidence in the stalls, a fighter from Stockton actively uses the Grand End Pound and scored hits. Nate is immune to treshtok and threats. The Diaz brothers grew up in one of the most dangerous cities in the US – Stockton. The 300,000th city has taught fighters to be tough and respond to violence with even greater force. Nate is not used to keeping anything in him. A fighter tells the truth, though sometimes it can affect the company's reputation.

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Nate Diaz

On October 25, it was announced that Nate Diaz may not perform due to a failed doping test. The American promotion was silent, but the fighter immediately stated that he would not enter the octagon without admitting his guilt.

"This is an absolute lie because I only take organic food or natural supplements. I will not stick to their rules. Until the UFC, USADA or anyone else corrects that situation, I will not go to the octagon. I will not dirty my name as a cheater, like bastards who are silent until the end of the fight, just to get paid, "Diaz wrote on Twitter.

The company later said that wine was contaminated with food additives. When the promotion cleared the fighter's name of the scandal, Nate agreed to go to the octagon this Sunday.

"I'm going to defend this damn belt at Madison Square Garden in a fight with real bastard Jorge Masvidal. We are the most fearless fighters of all, but the most fearless will triumph. Everything is serious here, not an excuse, "said Diaz.

In March 2016, Diaz brought out a gold card and strangled the former champion in two weight classes, Conor McGregor. For the dispute with the Irish, Nate earned about $ 10 million. This amount enabled the fighter to spend a long vacation and to invest in the sale of grass in Los Angeles. However, the passion for fighting did not disappear and Diaz destroyed former lightweight champion Anthony Pettis this August. And Nate came back at the right time when the star was lit by Jorge Masvydaly.

Jorge Masvidal after defeating Ben Askren

In July of this year we already wrote the fascinating story of Jorge Masvidalya – the son of an emigrant from Cuba. During puberty, the future fighter often became the object of derision for peers, for whom they received a dose of hard fists. Masvidal is not used to having fun or living a normal life. Instead of the college, Jorge took part in street fighting for a few hundred dollars. So the local promotions learned in 2003 from the fighter. Jorge struggled like a real street dog everywhere with everyone at all times. Jorge joined the UFC 10 years after starting his career – 2013. Since then, the fighter has earned a record of 11-6. But the fighter did not announce himself until March of this year, when he brutally crushed Darren Till.

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In July, Jorge became fully involved in martial arts history after releasing the fastest knockout in the history of the UFC. Masvidal knocked Ben Ascren into a knockout in 5 seconds with a flying knee after catching the fans' attention. White and KO did not miss this opportunity and developed a new belt – BMF – the title of the toughest bastard. Already this Sunday we will receive one of the best fights of this year. We strongly recommend that you do not skip this event.

Gorilla against the hobbit

In the main fight of the evening Calvin Gastelum meets with Darren "Gorilla" Till. The 28-year-old guest from the US returns to the octagon after being defeated by Israel Adesanya in April. In the UFC 236 tournament Gastelum lost the decision against the existing company champion. But he began his career as a Mexican Welterweight American.

The career of a fighter in the UFC began in 2013 with a victory in the 17th season of the TUF. Gastelum has jumped into the weight class in recent years and has failed the initial weight three times. Since the age of 16 Kelvin decided to finally switch to middleweight, where he performs better. Gastelum has a cannon strike and good grappling, but it is inferior in size and stamina to opponents. If everything is clear with the positions of the 28-year-old guest in the UFC – the fighter occupies the 4th place in the average weight (84 kg) and can after a few fights become one of the competitors of the belt, then it goes in a 26-year-old Nightmare of Darren Till continues. The naughty Liverpool is the victim of rising playmakers. Too fast, the company tried to make Till a second Michael Bisping, who collected huge arenas in England.

According to the plan, Till Bisping was to replace for this role, but did not give up the task. Already in the sixth match, the fighter fought against Tyrone Woodley for the title, which led to a strangulation. In March of this year, Tilla was shut down by Masvidal. This was the last straw for Darren, who was already suffering from debilitating strength athletes. With a height of 185 cm and a range of weapons of 190, the fighter has weakened his health to 77 kg. The upcoming fight will be the debut for Till at middleweight (84 kg). It is known that Darren weighs over 100 K in life and that the average weight should be his new home. If Till manages to overtake Kelvin, he will break into the top ten. If not, the future of the fighter in the UFC will be the main task of the matchmaker of the enterprise.

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In the first round of the tournament, you should pay particular attention to the light heavyweight game in which Joni Walker from Brazil against Corey Anderson from the United States starts. The 27-year-old Brazilian spoke out loud in August last year. In just six months, Walker spent three fights and earned the same amount of bonuses for the evening's performance. The charismatic fighter caught the eye of even light heavyweight king John Jones, who said he was not averse to fighting the Brazilian. But right now Johnny himself admits he's still ready for the title fights and ready to move forward step by step in the division.

A different opinion shares the 30-year-old Badass Corey Anderson from the United States. Overtime over the past few months, Jones' social media accounts have been actively attacking and trying to derail the title fight. But Corey's antics did not hurt the champion, so Hendricks had to fight for a title in order of priority. Besides, he has not gone to the octagon since December of last year. In this match, Walker is in an unconditional plus, which is ranked 11th in the ranking against Hendrix. Among other things, Corey joined the UFC for the fifth time and Walker has a total of 12 months. Therefore, in the event of a win, Johnny will be in the top 10 of the standings, and by potential two or three wins, will be able to hit Jones in the Octagon.

Corey Anderson – Joni Walker

Special BMF title for UFC 244


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