Exclusive! Video lecture by stringer Gromov on the choice of ideal strings and the secrets of experienced tennis players


Famous Russian stringer Viktor Gromov continues a mini-cycle of educational videos about the basics of tennis: the effect of strings on the game, types of tennis accessories, the preferences of top players.

In today’s video, the fourth, the stringer explains how to choose strings for a player of any skill level, how to read the label of strings and how to understand the features of the strings. Information that is necessary for both novice amateurs and experienced players!

Post in the networks: Are you just starting to play tennis and are afraid to get confused in the abundance of accessories – strings and rackets? Not sure which one to choose to make the most progress? Are you a seasoned player looking to choose strings that will allow you to add in key elements?

We gladly rush to help. Convenient accessories give you confidence, comfort and the desire to get back to work. We advise you on how to choose the perfect strings and tell you how to figure it out and get what you need.

We continue a mini-cycle of videos that will answer all these questions and convey to you all the most interesting things about tennis accessories. And the lecturer was the best specialist in Russia – stringer Viktor Gromov

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