European Football Championship: symbolic team, 11 best players of the tournament


The symbolic team of Euro 2020. Half of the team are Italians!

Symbolic team of Euro 2020

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It was a tournament for defenders and midfielders, but not for top forwards.

Euro 2020 is over – we are highlighting the best football players of the tournament. Naturally, in our symbolic team there are most of the representatives of the Italian national team, which won gold medals. At the same time, among the heroes of the tournament there are mainly defensive players or centerhaves-playmakers. The star forwards didn’t really shine at the European Championships. Do you agree?

A holiday that you want to forget. London drowned in garbage and urine at the Euro final
A holiday that you want to forget. London drowned in garbage and urine at the Euro final

Gianluigi Donnarumma, Italy

UEFA has named Italy’s goalkeeper the best player in Euro 2020. Someone shares this opinion, some do not, but one can hardly argue with the fact that Donnarumma was the best goalkeeper of the tournament. In the decisive matches, he showed top class, including in the final with England, where in a penalty shootout he repelled the blows of Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saki.

Leonardo Bonucci, Italy

Juventus’ legendary center-backs have cemented Italy’s defense alongside Donnarumma. Moreover, Bonucci scored a goal in the final that saved his team from defeat in regulation time. After the match at Wembley, Leonardo had every right to joke with the hosts, shouting into the camera “It’s coming to Rome!” and urging the British to “eat more pasta.”

Giorgio Chiellini, Italy

Chiellini does not take years, injuries do not break. The almost 37-year-old captain of the Italian national team played the tournament brilliantly, proving that he remains one of the strongest defenders in the world. Where he did not have time, he made the right decisions based on experience, as in the memorable episode with a foul on Saku. Giorgio returned to Rome with a crown on his head – this is probably only allowed for him.

Harry Maguire, England

Although England made it to the final, it is difficult to argue that in some positions its players were clearly superior to competitors from other national teams. But Maguire’s play, of course, should be noted. Despite the consequences of the injury, he was the strongest link in the defense, which did not miss until the semifinals. In addition, Harry scored against Ukraine in the quarterfinals.

Joakim Mehle, Denmark

Actually, Mehle played Euro 2020 on the left edge. But in the national team we will put him to the right. Firstly, there were more bright figures among left-footed flank players than among right-footed ones, and, secondly, Joakim is right-handed and used to covering this position. Yes, and from here scored Wales. At Euro, Mehle has two goals and one assist. A football player with unique physical qualities, just a car.

Stephen Zuber, Switzerland

It would be unfair not to include the best Euro assistant in the symbolic team. The former CSKA midfielder made four assists in this tournament: three against Turkey and one against France. And in the quarterfinals with Spain, his transfer almost became effective. At first, Stephen was considered a substitute for Switzerland, and then turned into a key figure.

Sergio Busquets, Spain

The Spanish national team did not immediately get hot at the European Championship. In the first two rounds she scored only one goal, but in the next two – ten. In terms of the game, the Spaniards could well have defeated Italy in the semifinals. From the point of view of ball promotion in the team, Busquets decided a lot, returning to the third round after the coronavirus. The experienced centhaw averaged 69 passes with 91% accuracy. Sergio is still good.

Jorginho, Italy

In the Italian national team, its central midfielders were responsible for the pace and rhythm. According to the situation, they increased the speed or slightly slowed down the game, but in any case, the command mechanism of the new European champions worked practically without failures. Jorginho folds with 96% accuracy! And even if he didn’t score a penalty in the final, what does it matter now?

Marco Verratti, Italy

Partner Jorginho in the center of the field also played brilliantly this Euro. Verratti’s passing statistics from InStat is even more impressive: 92 passes with 94% accuracy on average in 90 minutes of play. Moreover, Marco scored assists against Wales in the group stage and Belgium in the quarterfinals. With such centerhaves, it is not scary that the leading forward (Ciro Immobile) scores in the playoffs.

Mikkel Damsgaard, Denmark

Attacking midfielders and forwards did not shock at Euro 2020. Probably, it was possible to choose the Swede Emil Forsberg for this position, but the young Damsgaard, who became the opening of the tournament, was too impressed. He scored wonderful and very valuable goals against the national teams of Russia and England, gave an assist in the game against Wales. Now Sampdoria will be able to sell the 21-year-old Dane for a large sum.

Patrick Schik, Czech Republic

In the list of the top scorers of the tournament, Chic and Cristiano Ronaldo shared the first place, but the Portuguese scored three of his five goals from the penalty spot. The Czech has only one penalty. Patrick excelled in all matches, except for the game of the third round of the group stage with England. And his goal from the center of the field against Scotland is perhaps the main masterpiece of this Euro. Chic – shine and beauty!

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