European Football Championship, final, Italy – England, a selection of the best memes about Chiellini’s foul on Saku


“Come here, son.” The moment from the Euro final went viral on the net

The moment from the Euro final went viral on the net

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The most severe foul in the European Championship.

The Italian national team is the European champion! Command Roberto Mancini defeated England at Wembley in a penalty shoot-out that fans and journalists will remember for a long time. But this ending will also be remembered by us as a new meme.

20 reasons why we won't forget Euro 2020
20 reasons why we won’t forget Euro 2020

In the last minutes, when the score was already 1: 1, the British got a chance for a dangerous moment. Young Bukayo Saka outwitted an experienced Giorgio Chiellini on the flank, did not let the ball go beyond the sideline and was going to dash off to the goal. The age defender, who was inferior to his opponent in speed, had no choice – he had to foul. Chiellini grabbed Saku by the shirt and sent him to the lawn. It came out frankly in a boorish way, but the episode turned out to be bright. And then folk art was included. The moment went viral on the net. Below is a selection of the best memes on this topic.

Chiellini saves Saku from jumping off a cliff.


“Your Majesty, football is coming home!”

“Saka tries to get out of The Dance, but Chiellini pulls him back.”

“Chiellini said to Sake, ‘Come here, son.’

More jokes about Saku and Chiellini:

Chiellini breaks the rules on Sake.

And what comparisons do you have when you remember an Italian foul against an Englishman?

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