European Championship 2020, who will decide the fate of Cherchesov in the Russian national team and will he retire?


The fate of Cherchesov in the national team will be discussed by the RFU technical committee. Is it okay that it includes the coach himself?

Who will decide the fate of Cherchesov in the Russian national team

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Should we wait for the resignation of the head coach?

For the Russian national team, Euro 2020 has already ended, but its discussion will not stop soon. Not only the fans will talk about the failure of the team – the head coach of the national team will also have to explain Stanislav Cherchesov. This will happen on Tuesday – in the RFU building on Taganka. There will be a scheduled meeting of the RFU technical committee, the main agenda of which will be the performance of the national team at Euro.

The Russian national team needs to be cleaned up. Appeal to Dziuba and Cherchesov

For fans, the activities of the RFU technical committee are likely to remain a mystery. There has never been as much attention to him as now – before, decisions of the FTC, the executive committee or the expert-judicial commission were discussed much more. Here is the official information on what this mysterious committee is doing.

– The Technical Committee oversees the issues of scientific and methodological activities in the field of football, the assignment of sports titles and honorary sports titles and advises the Executive Committee (Bureau of the Executive Committee) on these issues, – it says on the official website of the RFU, – analyzes the performance of the national football teams of the Russian Federation, develops and submits to the Executive Committee for approval the scientific and methodological documentation, including those related to the training of football players and the training of coaches, and also submits to the Executive Committee (Bureau of the Executive Committee) for approval the lists of the best football players based on the results of the sports season.

Chairman of the Committee – Nikita Simonyan, it also includes Andrey Leksakov, Andrey Vlasov, Mikhail Gershkovich, Boris Ignatiev, Sergey Simkachev, Marina Shchennikova, Yuri Baskakov, Gadzhi Gadzhiev, Irina Baranova and … Stanislav Cherchesov.

Cherchesov is not the only one to blame. From the rostrum of the Russian national team, the gray cardinal of our football ruled

Does the fate of Stanislav Cherchesov in the national team depend on these people? Formally, yes, but in fact, the final decision is not up to them. “Championship” contacted Mikhail Gershkovich, who told how everything would go.

– Everything will be as usual: let’s go on the agenda, – said Gershkovich, – first Stanislav Cherchesov will make a report, then there will be other questions.

– Is it correct to perceive the results of the meeting as the results of the future coach in the national team?
– There are regulations: the technical committee can recommend the RFU Executive Committee to appoint or stop working with the coach. But only to recommend: we do not make a final decision. We will have an exchange of views, but the position of head coach of the Russian national team is the prerogative of the leaders and the executive committee of the RFU.

– How often does the RFU executive committee listen to the committee’s advice?
– In general, the technical committee is a serious body, as a rule, its recommendations are heeded.

The chairman of the committee Nikita Simonyan also spoke about what will happen tomorrow in the office of the RFU: “We will try to understand the reasons why the national team failed to leave the group, which I personally considered very strong,” he told RIA Novosti. day and Belgium, and Denmark show football of the highest level – this is a fact, but our team beat Finland. We regularly collect tech-coms after major tournaments, so this is a planned event. After him, as expected, Cherchesov will explain in detail to journalists and the public all the nuances and moments associated with the performance of the national team at the European Championship. “

He has earned the Russian national team or the top club of the RPL, but he is not called anywhere. What’s wrong with Berdyev?

Well, you understand: it is hardly worth waiting for Cherchesov’s resignation from the national team tomorrow.

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