Euro 2020, Netherlands – Czech Republic, Russian referee Karasev removed defender de Ligt, Dutch fans’ reaction


“Karasev is bought!” The Dutch are furious at the decision of the Russian judge

The Dutch are outraged by the decision of the Russian judge

We agreed that Putin personally called him.

Arbitrator Sergey Karasev completed his fourth match at Euro 2020. Previously, the Russian was a reserve referee at the game Austria – North Macedonia and the main one at the meetings Italy – Switzerland and Germany – Hungary. In the 1/8 finals of the European Championship – 2020 “Russian Collin” was entrusted with the match between the national teams of the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. And he became the protagonist on the field!

The Russian had to make a difficult decision in the 53rd minute, when Matthijs de Ligt played with his hand near the penalty area. First, Karasev showed the Dutch defender a yellow card, but the assistants advised the chief to watch the video replay. After watching the VAR, the referee changed his decision, showing the Juventus defender a red card.

Fan reaction

Before the match, fans of the Czech national team recalled Karasev’s statistics in the matches of the national team and Czech clubs and were skeptical about the appointment of the Russian to the 1/8 finals game. But the Dutch fans had to be afraid. Here’s how viewers of the match reacted to Karasev’s decision to remove de Ligt online.

“Sergey Karasev has been bought! Undoubtedly! Look at this!”

“Bad referee Sergei Karasev for UEFA.”

“The decision of Sergei Karasev against Matthijs de Ligt is absolutely unbearable: if the referee gives a straight yellow, it’s because he saw a foul and does not consider the red to be justified. The Chief Arbiter just becomes a cardboard dummy because of the VAR … “

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“Would Putin have called Karasev during the half-time break?”

“Evidence of bribery on the part of arbitrator Karasev was found.”

“FIFA, don’t let Sergey Karasev come to Holland. We will punish him. “

“What an idiot this judge is. De Ligt is being pushed in the back. “

“Let’s add Sergey Karasev to the sanctions list.”

“Karasev is a clown”.

“KARASYOV, please stop judging. You suck!”

“Karasev is a quality judge”.

“We are enemies of Russia, and UEFA has appointed them as a judge.” In the Czech Republic, they are unhappy with the appointment of Karasev

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