Euro 2020: Italy 2-1 Austria, match referee Anthony Taylor criticized by fans


The 1/8 final match between the national teams of Italy and Austria was served by a team of referees led by Anthony Taylor. The referee recorded 36 violations and showed five yellow cards, and his work caused an extremely controversial reaction in the media and social networks.

VAR canceled a goal for Austria and did not award a penalty

The referee had to turn to the VAR system in the second half, when Marko Arnautovic scored a goal with a header from the goalkeeper’s limits. The referee watched the replay and canceled the goal due to an offside position. How sorry it was for the Austrians, who were jubilant a few moments ago!

In 15 minutes, Austria could have earned a penalty: Stefan Liner fell during a fight in the penalty area, but Anthony Taylor was adamant. After this moment, the game was stopped at a traditional watering hole, and at that moment the English referee received a hint from the assistants. After watching the replay of the episode with the fall of the Austrian defender, the referee ruled: no penalty.

After the match, Arnautovic was dissatisfied with the result of the meeting and explained his attitude towards VAR. “I don’t know what to say, it’s too hard for me to find the words. If the game ended after 90 minutes, we would continue to participate in the tournament. You always have to wait for a VAR decision, which has nothing to do with football.
I don’t think Italy would be back in the game after 1-0. In the end, we were very good. They also had their chances, but I think we were even a little better. They had free areas in the back, I have to express a big compliment to the team. It’s amazing that we are standing here and talking about the end of the European Championship. As you can see, no one was satisfied that we finished in the 1/8 finals, ”said Arnautovich.

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Austria exposed all the problems of Italy and almost punished at the end. Mancini tightened up with replacements
Austria exposed all the problems of Italy and almost punished at the end. Mancini tightened up with replacements

Fan reaction to VAR and the work of the English referee

The Austrian media did not get hung up on the work of Anthony Taylor, so they wrote more with regret about the departure of their team, while expressing their respect for reaching the playoffs of the European Championship. For Austria, this is the best result in the history of the Euro.

“How good were Anthony Taylor and his team last night! I am impressed by his work on the Euro ”, – one of the few positive comments on the topic of judging was written from England.

“I’m not even surprised that Anthony Taylor has received death threats as a referee in the past.”

“I don’t like English referees, but I will never disrespect or even criticize Anthony Taylor again after what he did in the case of Eriksen. An absolute life saver, “wrote a Liverpool fan.

“What a ridiculous referee Anthony Taylor. Bad decisions are always balanced to support Italy. “

“Anthony Taylor is a shockingly bad referee.”

– Rate referee Anthony Taylor on a five-point scale.

– -2, it’s terrible, Italy played on the field against 12 people, that’s how terrible he was.

“The referees from England are the worst, 14 fouls from Austria and only 1 card is shown. Fuck Anthony Taylor! “

“Is Anthony Taylor the best referee in the Premier League?”

“Anthony Taylor is a terribly bad referee.”

“How does Anthony Taylor get a job as a referee?”

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“Anthony Taylor won the Shittest Judge award in this tournament. Made three stupid decisions! “

“As we can clearly see from today, the problem is not VAR. English match officials are the problem. Stuart Atwell on VAR and Anthony Taylor as head judge – it’s a fucking shame. “

“100% that Anthony Taylor doesn’t judge like that in the Premier League.”

There are also positive reviews of Anthony Taylor’s work, but it is extremely rare. Here is what the users of the referee forum wrote after the final whistle in the Italy – Austria match.

Anonymous: “The match was pretty difficult and he kept his cool. The definition of fouls has always been clear and consistent. The card handling was excellent. This shows that he is the referee who best understands the course of the game and the players’ perspectives, harmoniously combining them. He did his job for the final. “

Lawaj: “Anthony Taylor had a good game today for 120 minutes. As many already know, I am not a fan of him and have criticized him in the past. But overall, he was fine today.

In my opinion, at times he made a few dubious / unfortunate decisions. But to be honest, he usually let the game go on, and that impressed me a lot. A good candidate for the quarterfinals and semi-finals. “

“We are enemies of Russia, and UEFA has appointed them as a judge.” In the Czech Republic, they are unhappy with the appointment of Karasev

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