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“It was deliberate handball.” Even in the Netherlands they admit that Karasev is right

Russian referee Sergey Karasev

Before the game, the Czechs feared the Russian referee, but now they have to “kiss his bald head.”

Sergey Karasev – the only Russian who remained at the European Championship (not counting his assistants). The referee worked well in the group stage matches Germany – Hungary and Italy – Switzerland, for which he was awarded the right to play the 1/8 finals of the Netherlands – Czech Republic. It definitely did not work out simple for the Russian judge: Karasev’s decision to remove de Ligt in the 55th minute after the intervention of VAR became the main topic of discussion in social networks and the media of the two countries.

Have the Dutch been knocked out by the Russians again?  Karasev is the protagonist of the Euro playoffs
Have the Dutch been knocked out by the Russians again? Karasev is the protagonist of the Euro play-off match

“The Netherlands lost because of what I did”

We didn’t hear any angry comments after the match. Matthijs de Ligt… On the contrary, he apologized for his mistake.

– It seemed to me that the game was under our control. We had several chances, especially in the first half. I didn’t have the feeling that my opponent was creating many dangerous situations. But the red card obviously did. Of course, this is terrible. Basically, we lost because of what I did. Looking back … I shouldn’t have let the ball bounce like that.

Karasev sentenced the Dutch?  Removal from the Russian referee decided the fate of the game with the Czech Republic
Karasev sentenced the Dutch? Removal from the Russian referee decided the fate of the game with the Czech Republic

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And the head coach of the Netherlands national team Frank de Boer at the post-match press conference, he generally bypassed the topic of refereeing, saying only that his team had played better than the Czech Republic before the red card.

– In matches like today, everything depends on one or two things. Doniell Malen had one of them, and a few minutes after him there were ten of us left. The worst thing that could happen in this situation is skip from such a command. She was then able to play her usual football. We got a difficult opponent, however, I think we played better before the red card. We dominated the meeting.

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

“It was a deliberate handball”

Naturally, in the first minutes after the offensive removal, the Dutch fans unleashed a flurry of criticism on Karasev. Having cooled down, many admit that the judge was right.

So, for example, the edition writes that the “orange country” regularly turns “red” at the world championships. But de Ligt himself caused serious trouble for the Netherlands national team with his removal.

Famous Dutch footballer and coach Rud Gullit, for all his disappointment with the team’s game, admitted that de Ligt deliberately violated the rules.

“You can say that the violation was very small, but it was deliberate handball, – said Gullit, – the red card was justified.” Rud has significantly more questions for the head coach of the Netherlands, Frank de Boer.

Edition agrees: de Ligt was removed in the case: “At first it seemed that this trick would get away with him, but VAR called the referee to watch the episode.”

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“This is 100 percent the right decision.”

In social networks, opinions about the Russian referee were divided.

“Karasev is a quality judge”.

“Karasev is the best on the field in the first half” (of course, the tweet was written at the end of the first half of the game, it is not known whether the opinion changed after the removal of de Ligt).

Someone even found the referee’s resemblance to the character from South Park, noting that he copes well.

Obviously, not everyone, even after the end of the match, made Karasev’s decision: “The good news is that until Karasev is given an appointment for a new game, he will be sent straight to Russia.”

Before the match, fans of the Czech national team accused Karasev of bias, now – some fans of the Netherlands:

“The strangest thing is that the Czech fans were unhappy with the fact that a referee from Russia was appointed for the Czech Republic – Netherlands match because of politics. In the end, it worked great for the Czech Republic. They should kiss Karasev’s bald head for reaching the quarterfinals. “

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