Euro 2020: Cristiano Ronaldo repeated Ali Daei’s world record for goals for the national team – who is Ali Daei, how many goals for


In the match against France Cristiano Ronaldo scored a double and repeated the record for goals for the national team – now he has 109 shots. Iranian Ali Daei, whose record he repeated, said:

“Congratulations to Cristiano Ronaldo, who has a goal left before a new goal record for men’s national teams. The fact that this record will belong to Ronaldo is an honor for me. He is a great champion and humanist who inspires people and influences lives around the world. “

Briefly – about who Ali Daei is

Daei is an Iranian striker who lived through the best years of his career in the mid-nineties and early 2000s.

He mostly toured Iranian clubs, but here are some minor changes:

  • 1996-1997 – Al-Sadd.
  • 1997-1998 – Arminia.
  • 1998-1999 – Bayern Munich.
  • 1999-2002 – Al-Shabab.

While Daei was out of Iran, he took the German championship, twice won the German League Cup and reached the Champions League final. But his main achievement will always be considered a record in the Iranian national team – in 13 years of playing for the national team, he shot 109 goals.

“When I was finishing my career, my family told me that I made the history of sports. I didn’t take the word seriously then. But then I realized: many great football players scored less for their national team. It makes me proud of myself. “

His football career is an accident. His father saw him as an engineer, and his mother secretly took him to training.

Daei’s childhood consisted almost entirely of studies. Before lunch, he went to school, after – for additional classes in mathematics. At some point in Daei’s life, football appeared, but his father was sharply opposed: “Once my dad told me directly:“ Why do you need this stupidity? You will kick the ball, but you will not make people better. You have to think about something bigger in your life. ” I, of course, did not agree with him. “

Daei graduated from high school and received a diploma in metallurgical engineer. But how did he become a player with such a schedule? It’s simple: my mother helped. She came up with various tutors for her son, and she secretly took him to training. Daei said:

“I used to go out of the house without a soccer uniform, and my mother took it out for me to play.”

The father learned that his son was actually preparing for a football career a couple of months before Ali’s admission to Esteghlal. Daei said: “Dad was shocked, he was offended for our deception, but he understood everything. He did not interfere with my dream. And I am very grateful to him for that. “

The offer from Bayern came during the break of the 1998 World Cup match. But he didn’t score in that tournament

The 1998 World Cup in France is a historic tournament for the Iranian national team. This was her second World Cup and the first in 10 years. Daei went to that tournament in the status of the main star of the national team, but did not score a goal. Then he recalled:

“Something strange. At the airport, after arriving home, a delegation of the Iranian Football Federation met us and gave us flowers – they smiled at us and praised us. As soon as we left the airport, everyone started shouting at once: “Ali, you are cheap! You are a fake. ” I didn’t score goals, and they could call me that, they had every right. But we fought for our country, and, as I think, the third place in the group with Germany, Yugoslavia and the United States is a good result. “

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In fact, Ali Daei moved to Bayern on July 1, 1998. But the first contacts took place during the break in the match against Yugoslavia. After the first half, the Iranian coach Jalal Talebi called Daei to him. Talebi later recalls:

“I didn’t want Daei to be distracted from the tournament. I was contacted several times by representatives of Bayern, and I promised to talk to Ali. But I constantly put off the conversation and sometimes forgot. When I went to the under-stands in the match with Yugoslavia, I saw one of the directors of Bayern on the front rows. He winked at me – it was a hint of Ali.

I called Ali during the break and said bluntly: that Bayern got me, that they want his transfer. He just answered me: “I know, coach. I promised to give them an answer as soon as possible, but because of the World Cup I delayed it. Don’t worry, it won’t affect me in any way. “

Scored the 84th goal twice – because of a fan throwing a firecracker on the field

2003 year. Ali Daei had 83 goals for the national team. 84th – repetition of the achievement of Ferenc Puskas. Daei’s 84th goal was expected in the match against North Korea in Tehran. In the second half, Iran got the right to a penalty, and Daei scored it. While the Iranians were celebrating a goal, a fan launched a firecracker on the field. It exploded next to a North Korean player.

The Koreans left the field, telling the referee that they refused to continue the match. North Korea received a technical defeat 0: 3. Daei’s goal was canceled.

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He scored a historic goal a week after the match with Korea. Iran went to Beirut for a match with Lebanon, and there Daei caught up with Puskash.

Daei tried to launch a revolution in the Iranian national team, but the local federation did not believe in him

Ali Daei’s coach is not as successful as the footballer Daei. In 2008, a year after the end of his playing career, he took over the Iranian national team – and immediately found himself in a difficult situation. In the selection for the 2010 World Cup, he was entrusted with 5 matches. Under him, Iran scored five points. Daei judged that team like this:

“We had a lot of reputable players, but they no longer pulled the level of the national team. Past coaching staffs called them out of inertia. But that team needed an update. “

Daei attracted young people, lost and snapped at fans. They shouted nasty things at him – he said that you don’t need to go to football if you don’t understand anything. As a result, Daei was fired. And his assistant Human Afazeli said that Iran has changed its best coach in recent years – all because “the authorities did not support the course aimed at development and improvement.”

Daei reacted more easily:

“I realized that this was not my place and left. There are no grudges against the federation. Everyone wants to get only the best for the national team. That’s why we parted. “

After the Iranian national team, Daei had six clubs. After the last one (“Saipa”) he has been unemployed for two years.

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