Euro 2020: city costs for the tournament, how much money Russia spent, how much Italy earned for the victory


We continue to sum up the results of the European Championship – 2020 – this time financial.

We have compiled advanced statistics for Euro 2020. And also - records and money
We have compiled advanced statistics for Euro 2020. And also – records and money

Prize money

Initially, the total amount of prize money for Euros was supposed to be ~ 373,280,572 euros, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, due to which the tournament had to be postponed for a year, and the number of spectators in the stands was significantly reduced, it was reduced to ~ 332,968,611 euros.

For comparison, as it was before:

1992: 28 million euros
1996: 66 million euros
2000: 76 million euros
2004: 129 million euros
2008: 184 million euros
2012: 196 million euros
2016: 301 million euros
2020: 332 million euros

The current prize money was distributed as follows:

– ~ 9 361 268 euros each country received for getting into the group stage;
– ~ 1,006,336 euros – for a win, ~ 503,168 euros – for a draw;
– ~ 1.5 million euros for getting into 1/8;
– ~ 2.5 million euros for an exit in 1/4;
– slightly more than 5 million euros for the semi-final;
– a little over 8 million euros – for winning the final.

It turns out that Russia earned ~ 10.3 million euros – getting into the group + one victory.

Italy without losing more than one match in the tournament and winning the final – ~ 23 million euros.

It should be noted here: the federation receives the money, and then distributes it itself, deciding whether to pay bonuses to the players or not.


There is no exact data yet, but according to forecasts, the participating cities have lost about 194 million euros due to all the restrictions.

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• London earned the most (so far the figure is only an approximate – 27.3 million euros), St. Petersburg is in second place with 25.7 million euros (due to additional matches that went to the Russian city after Dublin’s inability to host the tournament, income increased by about 13.3 million euros), and in the third Budapest with ~ 20 million euros.

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• UEFA, according to Forbes, should have earned a little over 2 billion euros for the tournament.

20 reasons why we won't forget Euro 2020
20 reasons why we won’t forget Euro 2020


St. Petersburg takes the first place in terms of the costs of holding the tournament with a record 39.3 million euros (3.5 billion rubles) – this is 4 times more than London and Rome spent. For comparison: the city spent 129 billion rubles to host the 2018 World Cup, most of which went to the construction of the stadium on Krestovsky Island and the “reconstruction” of the transport infrastructure.

The main items of expenditure this time include:

– activities for the preparation and conduct of the Euro;
– information and PR campaigns;
– volunteer programs;
– events related to the application book, government guarantees and UEFA requirements.

In the estimate prepared and approved by the Government of St. Petersburg at the end of 2019, it is indicated that most of the spending went to “the implementation of the activities of the Euro 2020 organizing committee, including activities in the field of sustainable development, activities to promote the European Football Championship” (30 million euros or 2.6 billion rubles from the federal budget).

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For holding matches and receiving guests – 10 million euros.

The organization of fan zones – almost 4 million euros.

FAN-ID – 4 million euros.

The rest is “small things”: decoration of the city (780 thousand euros), organization of transport accessibility for fans (595 thousand euros), security measures (256 thousand euros).

List of cities by cost:

  • Munich – 15.6 million euros;
  • London – 11.6 million euros;
  • Budapest – 11.2 million euros;
  • Rome – 10 million euros;
  • Seville – 5.45 million euros;
  • Glasgow – 4.3 million euros;
  • Bucharest – 2.8 million euros;
  • Copenhagen – 2.4 million euros.

At least somewhere we are the first.

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