Euro 2020, Belgium – Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo almost always fails the playoffs of the European and World Championships


Cristiano Ronaldo held a phenomenal Euro 2020 group stage, becoming the top scorer (5 goals) and repeating the world record for goals for the national team (109). A few days before the match with France, the striker set another achievement, becoming the first person with 300 million followers on Instagram. But now Ronaldo is waiting for the playoffs, where the Portuguese will have to defend the title of European champions. However, as statistics show, the effectiveness of the world star invariably falls in the knockout games. Bad sign for Portugal?

The current European Championship is unique. It has already broken eight cool records.
The current European Championship is unique. It has already broken eight cool records.

Euro 2004

The 2004 European Championship is the first big national team tournament for Ronaldo. Only from that rally he made it to Euro 2020. At 19, Krish cheerfully spent the group stage, scoring a goal against Greece and an assist against Russia. The ball against Greece was the first of 109 goals for him.

In the quarterfinals of Euro 2004, the Portuguese national team played against England. The main time ended 1: 1, and in the extra teams we once upset each other. Cristiano, having played all 120 minutes, said his word in the penalty shoot-out, realizing the penalty kick. Portugal beat England (2: 2, in the penalty shootout – 8: 7).

The forward of the Portuguese national team came out of the shadows in the semifinals with the Netherlands. The striker became the hero of the meeting, scoring the first goal of the game and giving the pass. Everything went to the victory of Portugal at Euro 2020, but the Greeks became the champions, beating Ronaldo and the company for the second time in the tournament (2: 1 in the group, 1: 0 – in the final).
Euro 2004: group stage – 1 goal, 1 assist; playoffs – 1 goal, 1 assist.

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Young Ronaldo at the Euro. Mocked the Russian national team, made the world cry with him
Young Ronaldo at the Euro. Mocked the Russian national team, made the world cry with him

World Cup 2006

Ronaldo only scored one goal at the World Cup in Germany. It is curious that Cristiano distinguished himself in the match with Iran, where he was supposed to meet on the football field with the legendary Ali Daei: by that time, the Iranian striker had scored all 109 goals for the national team, while 21-year-old Ronaldo had only 12 goals. But the meeting of the current and future world record holders was thwarted by Daeya’s back injuries.

Portugal reached the semi-finals of the 2006 World Cup, where they lost to France, and then lost to Germany in the match for third place. Ronaldo did not make effective actions in any of these games. But he distinguished himself by a vile act, when in the quarterfinal match with England he begged the judge for a red card for Wayne Rooney, after which he sarcastically winked at the bench.

2006 World Cup: group stage – 1 goal; playoffs -.

Euro 2008

Ronaldo arrived at the 2008 European Championship after winning the Champions League with Manchester United. Portugal failed to repeat the success of 2004 – they were eliminated in the quarterfinals. Ronaldo decided the outcome of the meeting in the group with the Czech Republic, scoring a goal and giving two assists, and in the quarter-finals with Germany he limited himself to scoring.

Euro 2008: group stage – 1 goal, 2 assists; playoffs – 1 assist.

“The careers of Ronaldo and Messi in the national teams are not comparable.” Social media reaction to Cristiano’s records

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World Cup 2010

The Real Madrid striker took the Portuguese national team to the fields of South Africa as captain. Already in the first match, the Portuguese had problems when they could not beat the national team of Côte d’Iuvar (0: 0). This was followed by a crushing victory over the DPRK (7: 0), in which Cristiano scored a goal. And Portugal did not score for anyone else. In the final match of the group, Ronaldo and company shared points with Brazil (0: 0), and lost to Spain in the 1/8 finals (0: 1).

2010 World Cup: group stage – 1 goal, 1 assist; playoffs -.

Euro 2012

In Ukraine and Poland, Portugal started the tournament with a defeat to Germany (0: 1). She nevertheless left the group, from second place, having won victories over Denmark (3: 2) and the Netherlands (2: 1). In the match with the Dutch, Ronaldo scored a double, and in the quarterfinals with the Czech Republic he scored the only goal that led Portugal to the semifinals.

The confrontation with neighboring Spain ended for the Portuguese with a defeat in a penalty shootout. However, there is nothing to blame Ronaldo for – it did not come to him because of a miss by Bruno Alves.
Euro 2012: group stage – 2 goals; playoffs – 1 goal.

Euro 2016

At the 2014 World Cup, the Portuguese showed the worst result in many years without leaving the group. Ronaldo ended the tournament with a goal against Ghana and an assist against the United States. At the European Championship in France, Fernando Santos’ team left the group, having played all the matches in a draw. Ronaldo said the word at the group stage only in the game with Hungary (3: 3), having participated in all three goals – he scored two goals and gave an assist.
In the playoffs, Cristiano gave an assist against Croatia (1: 0) in the 1/8 finals, converted a penalty kick in the quarterfinals, and scored himself in the semifinals with Wales (2: 0) and gave an assist to Nani. Due to injury, Ronaldo played only 25 minutes in the final against France, but continued to help the team on the sidelines, unofficially acting as an assistant to Fernando Santos.

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2014 World Cup: group stage – 1 goal, 1 assist playoffs – not passed.

Euro 2016: group stage – 2 goals, 1 assist playoffs – 1 goal, 2 assists.

“Ronaldo is a lame duck.” Portugal’s leader gets trolled despite the record

World Cup 2018

There were other favorites at the 2018 World Cup (Brazil, Belgium, France …), but expectations from Portugal were also considerable. Cristiano had a phenomenal start of the tournament: he made a hat-trick against the Spaniards (3: 3), and then scored to Morocco (1: 0). The problems in the game of Portugal were revealed by Iran, making a sensational draw (1: 1).
Santos’ team went to Uruguay, and Ronaldo, like at the World Cup in South Africa, again showed nothing in the playoffs, going home after the defeat (1: 2).

World Cup 2018: group stage – 4 goals; playoffs -.

Euro 2020

The current group stage is the best in Ronaldo’s career: what are only five goals and a world record! Now fellow countrymen are waiting for feats in the playoffs from Cristiano. Although previously the Portuguese captain did not score more than one goal in the Euro playoffs.

Euro 2020: group stage – 5 goals, 1 assist playoffs …

Ronaldo has new records, but the best is Pogba. And the most notable was the judge
Ronaldo has new records, but the best is Pogba. And the most notable was the judge

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