Euro 2020 (2021), Italy – England – 1: 1, pens. 3: 2, striker Raheem Sterling is ridiculed on social media


“Poor thing, I’ve been practicing in the pool all night.” Sterling gets bullied again on social media

Sterling gets bullied again on social media

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Fans have even coined a new soccer term to honor the striker.

Euro 2020 is over – England lost on penalties, the cup went to Italy, and fans are talking about Sterling again. What are the fans unhappy with this time? Let’s read social networks.

Mich12: “I’m not sure that Raheem came to the sport. In my opinion, he would like to be a nice actor. After his behavior with Denmark, I was rooting for Italy. ”

Dianshik: “During the match, Sterling blunt hard at the gates of Italy, and the commentator is:” He just did not understand what he needs to do – to fall or hit the ball. ”

Lola: “I perfectly remember my emotions when Sterling was squeezed. I remember his face. I think he cannot be a decent English footballer, he is an actress from a cheap series. “

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Alexey Belikov: “It looks like Sterling has scared off England half of the world with his dive! I don’t remember such anti-English unity ”.

DK: “… Most of all I did not like Sterling. The guy is constantly [выпрашивал] free throws and penalties, so the maximum hit is towards Sterling. “

Dona: “Did you see Sterling’s face when he was denied a penalty with Italy? Poor thing, I’ve been training all night in the pool, and the judge is smart! His inept acting has turned the whole of Europe against English football. “

In addition to negative responses to Rakhim’s “dive”, a lot of memes have appeared on the network. Someone even suggested that after the final there will be a new term “sterlings”. According to fans, “sterlings” will have a double meaning: to act as a victim, because of which the person must take your side, but quickly bites through the lie. The second interpretation is bad play.

12: “I’ve decided everything. After the finale, we call the training center and give us our best practices on Sterling – let them develop a word with his name. To describe all the absurdity and stupidity of the situation. ”

Oto: “Ahahaha, really, let’s put Sterling in the dictionary. It will be easier for us to describe the situation when you find yourself [плохим]but you need to convince everyone else that you were right! ”

Andrew: “Better the sterlings – something terrible in the game or an incredibly bad game.”

Well, will the neologism take root in the football lexicon?

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