Dynamo and Spartak players – about the mood for derby and German coaches. Getting ready!


Tomorrow – the classic of our football “Dynamo” – “Spartak”.

The first derby of the new Dynamo coach Schwartz.

The first meeting of German coaches inside the RPL: ​​Schwarz vs. Tedesco.

How are the players in the mood, how are they preparing for an important match, and how did the coaches from Germany, exotic for our championship, surprise them?

Spartak players Roman Zobnin and Nail Umyarov, as well as two Dynamo Daniels: Fomin and Lesovoy, are in charge.

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Derby for Spartak


– Do you, as a person who played for him, have a special attitude for the match with Dynamo?
– Exactly at Dynamo – no, but there is an attitude towards derby. There is no such thing that I go to Dynamo in a special way, every derby is very important for me. And a lot of time has passed since I played for Dynamo.

– Do the Spartak leaders set up newcomers in a special way for the match with Dynamo?
– This is mainly done by the coach. He makes it clear before such matches as with CSKA, Zenit, Krasnodar or Lokomotiv, how important these games are. After all, they are our competitors, you need to be especially tuned in to them. And the charge from Tedesco is enough for us, plus all the Russian guys understand everything without words, and foreigners have been with us for a long time – they also understand what kind of games they are (smiling – approx. “Championship”).


– With Dynamo – a historically important match. I recalled here my first derby in a Spartak jersey against Dynamo [в марте 2019 года]: I didn’t play then, but from the bench I saw Djika’s free-kick goal. Even then I realized that there were fundamental matches against Dynamo: by the way we tuned in the locker room, how the fans shouted. You need to win! After the national teams, the games are going hard. Last time we lost to CSKA, next time it was difficult with Khimki.

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– Tedesco is a person who knows how to find language with everyone. He will always help, if someone is not playing, then he will always explain why. In this regard, he is a great specialist.

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– Do you communicate with him in Russian?
– Yes, we communicate on different (smiling – approx. “Championship”)… Plus, we have a translator. But a person came to a new country for himself, began to learn its language – which means he respects Russia, wants to stay here for a long time. We, football players, are also captivated by this. The players are like children, they notice everything. And for us, especially the Russians, it is very pleasant.


– When Domenico just arrived, I thought: “Now I don’t understand anything, but communication through an interpreter is not right.” But I immediately understood everything, because Domenico is not a native speaker, his speech is easier to understand. Plus, our translator Dima Kreitor translates not only phrases, but also emotions. Tedesco repeats football words: if pressure, then push-push. He tries to speak in simple language so that everyone understands. If he walks by, he asks how at home, how is the mood and family.

“I have a roof – Fedun. Why should I be afraid? ” Big interview with Gazizov about Spartak

Then we did not know that this interview was the last one for him in Spartak.



– You live in the countryside, is it convenient for you to get to Moscow?
– Yes, I live not far from the city, about five kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road. But there is no such thing that I constantly need to get there – my whole life is spent at home and at the stadium, in Moscow I don’t go anywhere much.

– Not enough time or is Moscow too fast for you?
– Rather, there is not enough time. But sometimes you leave: only traffic jams, vanity – I don’t like that. I want to be closer to nature so that everything is calm. My family and I love to walk in the parks. Not far from us is VDNKh, Sokolniki, which is generally considered to be Spartak (smiling – approx. “Championship”). You can get to Gorky Park. It’s great to walk there with children, although it’s very cold in winter.


– The first impression of Moscow: “Wow, how beautiful everything is, what a big city.” For the first time I saw Red Square and went nuts – you can’t say otherwise. Then he got used to Moscow even more than to Syzran. Favorite place, oddly enough, home. Sutra you leave for training, return after lunch, and you have no strength to go somewhere. I can go to my parents for dinner or sit with my six-year-old nephew: he surprises me all the time, we go out with the ball to the court, taught him to play the console.

Derby for Dynamo


– It just so happened that Spartak is a powerful irritant. Many footballers from St. Petersburg said that from a young age they had a dislike for Spartak. Do you have this same dislike?
– I think there is an element of creating additional excitement here. for fans and journalists. I can say for myself: I tune in to every game the same way. Of course, you will feel the intensity and surroundings, but my attitude to the game will not change from this.

– Specifically, are you in the same mood for Tambov and Spartak?
– Definitely.

– How should the match with Spartak end for you to say: “I’m satisfied!”?
– We will win, and I will score in this game!

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His career nearly ended at 17.


– Derby with Spartak – special emotions?
– Soon I will feel it on the field. Everyone is already stirring up interest, the most important game. I would like to take part. It is a pity that the stadium will be incomplete. But I read that seven thousand spectators will be allowed in, I am sure there will be a cool atmosphere. We are now gaining momentum, we are enjoying football. We must continue in the same spirit and win.

– You trained at Spartak as a child. Are there no revanchist sentiments?
– No. I stayed there for a while, there were friends. I don’t have any special feelings for Spartak. It was and was.

– By the way, have you already got used to the Dynamo?
– Everything worked out very quickly, as soon as I arrived, the championship began immediately. I haven’t even looked at Moscow yet, I was only in Red Square and Vorobyovy Gory. And I haven’t really got out anywhere yet. Only games, preparation for them, moving. Moreover, the coronavirus, everything is strict – we very often pass tests.



– Schwartz communicates with everyone, very open. There are, of course, changes. Much time is devoted to trifles: everyone understands who and where should run in the attack, how to rebuild in defense. Before the games, the coach energizes us emotionally. I really like everything.

– How was the first communication? Did you say something memorable?
– He said that he sees great potential in me, counts on me that every workout should be done with desire and then everything will work out.
I remember the words that at any moment I can approach him, be it a football or everyday life.

– In one of your interviews you said that Igor Cherevchenko did not praise you. Admit it, it’s nice to hear kind words from a coach who doesn’t really know you?
– Of course! It seems to me that any player would be pleased. I would like to go out on the field and prove that he was not mistaken about me.

– Your grandmother once said that you do not go out into the penalty area a lot and you need to be brave. Do you think you are able to follow her instructions now? How does she assess your performances at Dynamo?
– Granny, of course, is glad that everything is fine with me now. She worries, sees some moments, but I only listen to the coach (laughs). Although she writes to me after every game.

Schwartz helped Tedesco lose his job. Avenged all past grievances at once!

On Saturday, German coaches will face each other for the first time in Russia – in the Derby “Spartak” – “Dynamo”.


– Under Schwartz, team meetings and a general dinner were added. They began to do everything together. This is perhaps the main change. The workouts are intense and varied. However, we are just getting to know the coach, everything is ahead.

– Does Voronin strongly influence the atmosphere?
– Yes. Everything is humorous and positive. Everyone knows what a great player he was. We listen, we listen. Everything goes through a smile, I really like it.

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