Dustin Porier – Max Holloway Kryptonite


In Atlanta, Georgia, Georgia ended the main game of the tournament UFC 236 at State Farm Arena, reports Prosports.kz.

In the main battle of the evening, Max Holloway, the featherweight king (66 kg), decided to test in the light weight class (70 kg). And the reason was great – the title of Interim Champion. In December of last year, Habib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor fought at the UFC 229 tournament. Since both athletes were disqualified for a long time, it was decided to introduce the title of Interim Champion. Matchmakers have done a great job organizing a rematch of Max Holloway and Dustin Pore. Holloway debuted in 2012 at the UFC when he met Pore. It was Dustin who defeated Max with his first career loss. Since then, Holloway has lost two more fights, but then designed a crazy series of 13 consecutive wins. Along the way, the fighter won the featherweight title and twice destroyed the legendary Jose Aldo. Career Pore transitioned to another vector. Dustin was in the top three throughout his career, but was thrown back from the title fight each time. Porye beat Anthony Pettis, Justin Gaetzhi and Eddie Alvarez and got the chance to put his name into the story.

In the fight, Holloway has traditionally lost the first two rounds completely. Max is famous for his impeccable stamina and will be included in the later rounds. But today, everything did not go according to the plan of the Hawaiian. Porier, who excelled Max in his arms, shattered it brilliantly on the shelf. Dustin struck hard during a 25-minute fight and broke the face of an opponent. In the third round, Holloway came out with a broken nose, but ready for the war. The next two rounds, which Max issued on his own account, were not enough for the beloved Victoria.

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So Dustin Porier won the title of Interim Champion and also the second time Max Holloway. For Max, this defeat was the first since August 2013, when he lost to Conor McGregor.

In addition, Porier will fight for the title against Habib Nurmagomedov, and he also had the opportunity to fight for the featherweight title.


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