Dustin Poirier’s words after defeating McGregor at UFC 264


Former interim UFC lightweight champion Dustin Poirier shared his emotions following an early victory over Conor McGregor in the main event of UFC 264.

“Conor’s leg cracked when I blocked one of the low kicks at the beginning of the fight. On this blow he definitely broke it. When I pointed my finger at the beginning of the fight, after a good check, then it cracked. I felt something, because he There, most likely, there was a crack, then he twisted his leg to the blow – and it broke.

I can tolerate any trash, because there are no restrictions in it. But murder is not something to joke with. This guy said that I would die here, that he would kill me, that they would carry me out in a coffin. You don’t need to say such things. So I wish him a safe return to his beautiful family.

He caught me with a good cross, like the last time. I did not see the blow, and it shook me, shook me a little, but my legs were under me. The takedowns were easy, he put his fingers in my gloves, pulled me down. I spoke about this to the referee. So he’s a dirty shit.

Karma is a mirror. This dude said a lot of shit, but I plowed hard. Sometimes these things happen. I beat him, “said Dustin Poirier after his fight with McGregor at UFC 264.

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