Dominic Cruz: Rhonda Rosie and Misha Tate have no chance against Holly Holm


Many believe that among the fighters, Dominic Cruz has the best analytical data in the analysis of fights. Cruz gave a prediction and assessed the fights between Holly Holm, Misha Tate and Ronda Rosie.

Bantamweight champion Dominique Cruz is confident that in the event of a rematch between Holm and Rosie, the former champion will not be able to regain her title.

“She has absolutely no chance,” Cruz said. “I consider Rhonda to be one of the strongest women in the sport, but I think Holly Holm is on a different level, she is the evolution of the sport. And I think Holly Holm has too good footwork and striking technique to allow any grappling of the fight, whether with Ronda Rosie or Misha Tate or anyone else in the division. And that’s a problem for everyone in the division.

Holly has good trainers who taught her what to do if Rhonda grabs her. Rhonda grabbed her a couple of times. And all of Rhonda’s previous rivals grabbed her back and went into clinching, which is the last thing you want to do with a judo black belt. You need to break the distance and force Rhonda to fight in a stance. Nobody did this before Holly Holm. Before the fight with Holm, everyone clinched with Ronda.
Even Misha Tate. She has a base in the fight and she could allow her to avoid clinching with Rhonda, she knows how to do it, but she was too emotional and tried to grab Rhonda by the head in the name. Why are you trying to do this? Break the distance and force her to thrash in a stance. Rhonda has not spent her entire life boxing, she has spent her entire life in a clinch. Stop clinching with her. Force her to box. No matter how confident you are in your grappling skills, why do that? ”

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Holm will fight his title defense against Misha Tate at the UFC 197 co-main event on March 5th. Cruz has no doubts that Holm will win.

“I don’t see at all that Misha will be able to defeat her.”

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