Doctors have ruined UFC 244


In New York, NY, the UFC 244 tournament has come to an end. summarizes the expected tournament.

In the main game of the evening, Jorge Masvidal met Nate Diaz. 34-year-old Diaz returned to his shop last August when he defeated Anthony Pettis. And the fighter returned just in time – Masvidal scored the fastest knockout in UFC history. The Matchmakers could not miss this opportunity and decided to create a BMF title (the title of the toughest bastard) for this fight. It is worth noting that this was primarily to rescue the UFC 244 tournament, which was about to collapse. The fact is, none of the champions wanted to play in November – most champions have been playing lately, and Kamaru Usman will not recover until December. For this reason, Dana White has created the BMF title, as at number tournaments only title fights should be held.

In anticipation of this fight, the PR promotion machine is at full capacity, making this fight one of the toughest in UFC history. The intrigue worked when great attention was paid to the last event. The tournament was attended by US President Donald Trump, and Scala himself presented the belt to the winner in the Octagon.

As for the fight itself, he has not disappointed the fans. In the first few rounds, Jorge habitually moved forward, attacking Diaz with stiff body parts and charging it with powerful elbows. In the first minute of the fight, a nasty cross-section opened over Nate's right eye, but this was a common thing, considering how many cuts in Diaz's career were. The fighter himself did not pay attention to it and concentrated entirely on the opponent. Masvidal gradually dismantled the opponent in the rack, but it can not be said that Diaz has lost the battle dry. With each turn Nate growled more often and attacked Jorge with a branded two king in the rack. Both athletes were constantly moving forward, trying to kill each other. During the fight, Diaz remembered how great Jiu-Jitsu was as he tried to cause pain in his leg.

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Minutes passed, and the fighters did not think to pause for a second, and the fight itself should go into the championship rounds. At that point, the doctors ruined the whole drama and removed Nate Diaz from the fight. It seemed to the doctor that the section above the fighter's right eye was too dangerous to continue. Nate himself wanted to continue fighting, but the referee stopped the fight. On the one hand, the doctor was worried about the health of the fighter, on the other hand, Diaz has been struggling with such cuts for 10 years and was never deposed in his career.

So Jorge Masvidal became the owner of the BMF title, Diaz's offensive defeat, and fans are still waiting for a rematch that will be 100 percent.


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