“Do you know how old Umyarov is? 25! ” How Shalimov “aged” the midfielder of “Spartak”


Igor Shalimov confused Umyarov's age

“Do you know how old Umyarov is? 25! ” How Shalimov “aged” the midfielder of “Spartak”

Is this a reason for legal action?


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Igor Shalimov continues to “bomb” with epic statements. Tonight, the former Spartak and Russian national team player confused the age of the red-and-white midfielder Nailya Umyarova. “Do you know how old Umyarov is? 22? 25! He was born in 1996, “Shalimov said on Match TV, addressing the Spartak veteran. Evgeny Lovchev.

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Of course, this remark did not go unnoticed. The football world reacted violently to Shalimov’s statement.

Someone immediately remembered that Umyarov was in favor of the Russian youth team. Maybe it’s time for him to join the first team?

We were even surprised at Match TV.

A bunch of “Shalimov-Umyarov” in the center of the field. That sounds good.

They joked about this even at Spartak.

It is interesting what Umyarov himself thinks about Shalimov’s words.

Social networks even urge Spartak to sue the red-and-white legend. At the same time, the club, it seems, were not too offended by the “sensation” from Shalimov – they just spiked him. “Probably, Igor Shalimov is trying to draw attention to his person. If so, then this is a highly unethical way. Well, as a football expert, it would be nice to understand the subject “, – said Anton Fetisov, Director of the Public Relations Department of Spartak.

They reacted to Shalimov’s words at Chertanovo, where Umyarov received his football education. “Is Nail older than his age? Yes, this is complete nonsense. Probably, Igor Mikhailovich confused him with someone. This cannot be, there is not a single chance for this, “said the ex-director of the Chertanovo Academy. Nikolay Larin.

Shalimov really confused Umyarov with another player – Ayaz Guliyev. At least, this is how Igor Mikhailovich himself explained his own tirade. “I was just wrong. For some reason, it stuck in my head that he was from the national team of the 96th Khomukhi. Apparently he confused it with Ayaz Guliyev. But then I apologized, said that I had confused. Of course, Umyarov was born in 2000. He went to the youth Euro, but almost did not play there, so it got out of my head. I watch a lot of football, there are so many players in my head, I could be wrong, “Match TV quotes Shalimov.

Is Juran taking revenge on Gazizov? The former Spartak player is again in the center of the scandal

How to react to the next loud statement of the ex-footballer of the Russian national team?

Note that this is not the first statement related to the age data of Spartak players. A relatively recent veteran of the red and white Sergey Juran hinted at the “rewritten” age Auston Urunova… “They bring in a footballer from Ufa, who seems to be young, but everyone knows that he is 4-5 years older. This is also not a secret, in principle. This is what I heard and what was obvious, ”Juran said on the air of the Match Premier channel. The Ethics Committee assessed the words of the coach at 250 thousand rubles in fine.

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