Djordje Djokovic: I knew that Novak would be disqualified from the US Open. This is not Federer


Director of the ATP tournament in Belgrade and younger brother Novak Djokovic George commented on the disqualification of his brother from the US Open-2020.

“I walked away from the TV to the toilet and heard the commentator shouting something. I came back and saw that the woman was lying on the ground, and Novak was very upset. I immediately realized that he would be disqualified, I know that. There was no other option. you can’t even say that there was no reason – these are the rules, but if that woman hadn’t fallen, no one would have been kicked out of the tournament. ”I think this is an overreaction.

This is not Novak’s first mistake, sometimes he knocks the ball. We told him not to do this, but not everyone can hold back their emotions. My brother is not Federer – only Roger knows how to restrain himself. Even Nadal can’t. In general, it is strange that Novak hit one of the twelve people on the court with the ball. Apparently, this is fate, “- quoted by George Tennis Majors.

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