Diego Schwarzman: My goal for 2021 is pretty commonplace


Argentinian Diego Schwartzman talked about the goals for the 2021 season.

“We need to set short-term goals without looking too far into the future. I try to really look at the world. I think I deserved the place I occupy now, for the sake of it I did a great job. And then I was able to keep it during the tournaments. I would have liked to have played better in the Final tournament, but otherwise I showed good results after Roland Garros and getting into the Top 10. I am glad that I continued to fight despite being in the Top 10.

My goal is pretty trivial: I want to win matches that will allow me to rise higher. But this is the reality of tennis. I want to be healthy and show my maximum, because only in this case I will be able to win a lot of matches, “Pagina 12 quotes Shvartsman.

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