Dauren Ermekov won the time belt of the GFC champion



In Almaty the GFC 23rd tournament in the ice palace of the Almaty Arena ended. Prosports.kz summarizes the last event.

Kazan fighter Ruslan Baziev was given the honor of opening the first card of the tournament. In the welterweight division he met Hasan Bozorov from Uzbekistan. The fight ended in the first round when Baziev strangled for victory.

Not without defeats by fighters from Kazakhstan in the last tournament. Elaman Shertaev lost to Umar Kunakbiev by the judge's decision in the lightweight class.

Abylay Toles, another representative of Kazakhstan, also spoke in the bantamweight category. It is worth noting that the fighter fought a duel with a yellow card because he outweighed the weight limit (61.2 kg) by 700 grams. Even a convincing performance in a three-round fight did not allow Toles to win by the judge's decision.

The fighter from Kazakhstan suffered a second defeat in his career and the first since 2015.

Within the heavyweight class, Darkhan Bakenov from Kazakhstan spoke. The fighter encountered Eugene Golub from Ukraine in a weight that was rare for us. The fight ended in the first round when Bakenov won the technical round of 16.

In the first duel of the main card, Ruslan Sariev, who represented the Arlan MMA Pro Team, spoke. The fight continued every three rounds under the full control of Sariev. A fighter from Kazakhstan did a great job counterattacking and also knocked off the body and legs of Mateus Browns from Brazil.

Another representative of the Arlan MMA Pro team, Jasulan Akimzhan, made a speech on the main map. In featherweight (66 k) he met Vladislav Korolevsky. Unfortunately, the fight ended at the end of the first round when a fighter from Russia won with a strangulation. For Akimzhan, this defeat was the second in his career and the first under the patronage of the GFC. If the fighter from Kazakhstan had the title ambitions in the promotion before the fight, he was thrown back in the title race.

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The Kazakh team's defeat at the tournament did not end there. Bantamweighted Sabit Jusupov met Tarcisio Gomez from Brazil. At the end of the first round, the Brazilian managed to guess the moment and sent Zhusupov right into the round of 16.

In the main fight of the evening, Igor Svirid won an important career victory. In the middleweight division he met Adriano Rodriguez from Brazil. The fight continued every three rounds and ended in Svirid's favor with a decision by the judges. For the fighter from Kazakhstan, this Victoria was the first since September 2017.

In the main game, Dauren Ermekov from the Arlan MMA Pro Team performed confidently. In the middleweight division (84 kg) he met Arthur Huseynov from Russia and it was about the provisional GFC championship title.

The fight continued every three rounds and ended with the victory of Ermekov by the decision of the judges.

The fighter from Kazakhstan won the intermediate championship title of the GFC.



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