Daria Kasatkina: Tennis players have exactly the same problems as the rest


Russian tennis player Daria Kasatkina spoke about the documentary with her participation.

“I was glad to make this documentary, because I had accumulated what I wanted to share inside. I wanted to tell about what I experienced so that people would understand me better. After all, everyone sees us only on the court, but they don’t know who we are, what we endure is that we have exactly the same problems as the rest.

I was happy to share this. And I think it was interesting for people to see everything from the other side – to see how we live. I hope many people enjoyed the movie.

I don’t have very many secrets, so I was as open as possible. Besides, Sonya, who asked me questions, is my friend. So I just talked to her normally. These interviews are easier when you know the person.

I know that in many countries it is not customary to discuss money. But in Russia we ask such questions. In interviews, they constantly ask how much you earn, how much you spend, and so on. We are interested in this. So there was nothing wrong with that, “Sports.ru quotes Kasatkina.

Daria Kasatkina: For me, a relationship with a girl is ok. They know how to throw their rods right.

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