Daniil Medvedev: We want tennis in Russia to become popular again


Russian tennis player Daniil Medvedev appreciated the progress Aslana Karatseva and all men’s tennis in Russia.

“It seems to me that no one can explain how this happened. Probably, even Aslan himself does not know why he fired just now.

I watched his matches in Dubai – there he played at the level of the top ten or even the top five. In the course of the competition, he defeated excellent players. I hope that Karatsev will continue his ascent.

Our tennis is definitely on the rise, and this is good news. Our goal is to make this sport as popular as possible. We want to be shown on TV more often.

In general, this is a pattern. When you rise to a high level, many people find out about it, and in this way you promote sports in your homeland, “the press service of the APR quotes Medvedev.

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