Daniil Medvedev: It was very funny to read comments on social networks about what and how I need to change


Russian Daniil Medvedev talked about plans for the offseason.

“Now I have time to spend a good pre-season preparation and relax, most likely at home in Monaco. Now with this situation, with a pandemic, and there are no special flights, and there are many quarantine places – I will rest at home. There is a lot of work, and my coach and I are constantly we are trying to improve, and in some cases, too. The work is in progress, sometimes it bears fruit, sometimes not, but it was very funny to read comments and messages in direct social networks, what I need to change, how to change, and how I stopped progress.

I can promise that I will train with all my might. Play, fight – like in this tournament. It is not always easy, it does not always work out, but I hope I will delight the fans, “TASS quotes Medvedev.

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