Daniel Evans: In Paris, there were very few restrictions, in Nottingham everything is different


British tennis player Daniel Evans talked about whether there is a difference between the restrictions on the Challenger Series in Nottingham and the French Open.

“Exactly the same bubble as it has been everywhere before. Of course, this is not pleasant. Summer will definitely be difficult. I hope that when I have a few days of rest, I can go outside and just walk. However, the competition is strict. rules and we must adhere to them.

It’s hard to be indoors all the time. I am sure that no one will be hurt if we are able to at least walk near the hotel. It is very difficult for me without this.

It was much easier in Paris, but it was taken for granted. In the end, we may have the right to walk around the beautiful city, go to the Eiffel Tower. Nottingham is different, “- quoted Evans Yahoo Sports.

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