CSKA is the first. His strength lies in his pupils, Chalov’s new role and the “market” inside the locker room


Remember CSKA was once a closed and unfriendly club? A minimum of details about the life of the team, the leaders were silent after the defeats and passed by, the young people repeated after them – who was still playing under number 63 Chalov could hide behind an advertising stand, pretending that he was talking on the phone.

Now CSKA is closed in a different way. Zero statements about leaving Goncharenko to Belarus at the end of last season. There are still rumors from the club. They only talk around. Agent Gaich – about the interest in the attacker from Europe. Agent Selyuk – that without Goncharenko it will be better. And CSKA is silent, does not get involved in disputes with agents, does not throw down gloves and does not fight with fans, so it has not lost in the RPL for two months, and as a result – finished the circle in first place.

Pupils are strength, and their constructors’ goals are admiration

Chalov signed a new contract until 2024. Have Kuchaevalike Vlašić, six goals. Maradishvili – the best team player in October. The playing pupils can shake hands separately. How Kuchaev flutters, feeling his partners with shots and sending the ball under the crossbar! Maradishvili is simply stable and can close Mario’s position on the right flank. We will tell you about Chalov separately a little later.

And you can applaud everyone at once. Suffice it to recall the scored CSKA goal against Dynamo (3: 1): start from the flank from Maradishvili, a knife-to-touch pass from Chalov, and Kuchaev parachute Shunin. “CSKA” do beautifully!

“By winning, the team is less nervous, the psychology becomes stronger,” Goncharenko also talks about young people who used to block magic with psychological excavations in their heads. Chalov was hampered by introspection, Kuchaev – by memories of crosses, Maradishvili – by excessive modesty on the field noted by the first coaches.

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Now the pupils are the main creative of CSKA. And we have not yet said this about the pupil at the gate.

Konstantin Kuchaev - opening of the season

Konstantin Kuchaev – opening of the season

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

Chalov is returning. Trains left and engages in creativity from deep within

Fedor recovered after canceling the transfer to England. He now has two goals (one from a penalty spot) and an irregular starting lineup, but four assists, and three of them are for winning goals. More only in Shimansky and Douglas Santos. And Chalov has a new creative role and expanded opportunities.

1. The first goal of the season scored to Rostov with a non-working left foot, which, in fact, has been burdened for a long time, remaining after training for a series of strikes: twice from the right, one from the left. And now she is not afraid to hit her.

2. Chalov does not stick to one position, which allows him to create more free zones. Attacks not only from the tip, but goes to the flanks, leaving the central space for Gaich, Shkurina and running out Kuchaev with Ejuke… Goncharenko asks Fedor not to play too deeply, but the striker goes down when he “feels the moment”. Hence – he often plays in the game from the depths and has already given away assists, as in the whole last season.

3. It became psychologically easier. Chalov laughs that he agreed with Dzagoev: Alan no longer yells at him in the game.

Newbies = variety. CSKA now has no squad, but the market that delighted Dzagoev

A full-fledged bench is a plus not only for coaching combinations. Goncharenko says that the arrival of newcomers motivated the rest (see Chalov as an example), the intensity and quality of classes increased. Thanks to summer purchases, CSKA is able to use all five substitutions, although before it barely scraped into three, and there are even more jokers – different players shoot at the right time.

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Edzhuke finished off Spartak in the derby, Shkurin – the victorious Tambov, Dzagoev – Rotor, Sigurdsson – An important goal for Sochi, when CSKA was left without three wizards at once – Kuchaev, Mario and Dzagoev.

And, of course, the wagon blessed by Karpin Zainutdinovwho replaces both Shchennikov and Mario; twists from the left to the corner (review the goal for Ural) and delights in the speed of adaptation. “We immediately took it to our market, ha-ha,” Dzagoev told Sport24. – We have Georgians, Armenians, Ossetians, Kyrgyz – now there is a Kazakh! ”

And he plays everywhere.


Nikola Vlašić and Fyodor Chalov

Nikola Vlašić and Fyodor Chalov

Photo: pfc-cska.com

No comments. Okay, there will be one.

“Playing on three fronts is very tight,” the coach said. “The biggest load is on Vlašić.”

Goncharenko praises the defense. And it’s not a joke

Although there are not enough defenders all the time.

❌ Nababkin tore the crosses in August and is still being treated;
❌ Karpov survived a broken nose and a concussion, and now he has a “dubious test”;
❌ Fuchs has one match and two hip injuries, he is still being treated;
❌ Fernandez still has a back;

❎ Shchennikov has been treating muscles since September and only played in the last round;
❎ Magnusson went through quarantine, red card and shoulder pain;
❎ Diveev after the national team played with a broken nose and received the title of fighter from Goncharenko.

???? Vasin

Ivan Oblyakov and Viktor Vasin

Ivan Oblyakov and Viktor Vasin

Photo: Alexander Safonov, “Championship”

The complete set has never been typed, more precisely, no one has seen it and will not say what it looks like. But Goncharenko is pleased: “we found the right balance in the new scheme in defense and attack” + “against difficult opponents, CSKA is quite reliable in defense”. It’s hard to believe, but CSKA missed everything less in the RPL (at the gates of the army team – 11 goals, Dynamo and Zenit – 12).

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Diveev especially adds. And not only in creating branded gestures. Did you repeat after Igor?

“The defense is built in such a way that there is great progress,” rejoices A. A. Akinfeev in communication with the club press service. – Let Diveev not listen to me, but I’ll give him a big plus – it’s progressing. In a couple of years he will grow into a good European defender. “


And further:

???? After a penalty kicked in the match with Rostov, Akinfeev set an RPL record – 15 reflected! And he jokes in the comments of Instagram: “Do not rush to see off to retirement.”

⚽️ CSKA has seven goals from outside the penalty area (that is, every fourth). Oblyakov says that such balls fly in on the courage.

???? Goncharenko rejoices in victories over Rostov and Dynamo, which they could not beat in class before. His phrase: “Mentally CSKA players are ready to play for victory in every match.”

???? The last time CSKA finished the first round as a leader was five years ago – at the same time it took the championship for the last time.

So that. Even though you burst …

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