Cristiano Ronaldo kicks Portugal captain’s armband after leaving Euro 2020, social media reaction


“Complete disrespect for your country.” In Portugal, outraged by Ronaldo’s gesture

Cristiano Ronaldo kicked the captain's armband

Leaving the field, Cristiano kicked the captain’s armband. This is not the first time.

Portugal national team together with Cristiano Ronaldo left Euro 2020 at the 1/8 finals stage. Team Fernando Santos was never able to hack the Belgian defense, having suffered a minimal defeat – 0: 1.

The Portuguese fans were displeased not only by the departure of their national team from Euro 2020, but also by Ronaldo’s dismissive gesture at the end of the match. After the final whistle, Cristiano took off the captain’s armband and threw it on the lawn, squatting down. And already leaving the field, he kicked her.

At the end of March this year, the Portuguese has already done something similar. In the 2022 World Cup qualifying match with Serbia (2: 2), after his canceled goal, he threw out the blindfold and left the field.

“The largest robbery in history.” The judge did not count Ronaldo’s clean goal against Serbia

Social media reaction to Ronaldo’s gesture and Portugal’s departure from Euro 2020

At the end of the Euro, Cristiano could not get around Ali Daei and break the world goal record for the national team. The Portuguese leaves the tournament as the top scorer with five goals, three of which are from penalties. Fans also remembered his gesture at the cola opening press conference, dedicating a post entitled “Cristiano Ronaldo’s Highlights at Euro 2020”.

Fans were unhappy with the fact that after the match, Ronaldo kicked the captain’s armband. They considered this gesture disrespectful.

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“Cristiano Ronaldo does not respect the armband of the Portuguese national team captain. He always seems to throw it away when he gets upset. “

“Ronaldo has thrown the captain’s armband again. Complete disrespect for your country. “

Krish has even been compared to a capricious child.

“Ronaldo kicked the captain’s armband like a capricious kid who didn’t get his way.”

Some cited other captains as an example to Ronaldo, such as Puyol, Terry and Gerrard.

“I think Ronaldo is without a doubt the best. But throwing the captain’s armband when you’re losing? I may be wrong, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen Keene, Gerrard, Terry or Puyol do this. It’s unpleasant to see that. “

In the comments below a note in the Portuguese edition of A Bola, fans continued to accuse Ronaldo of disrespect.

Bemfica21“After playing in Serbia, this guy will never be the captain for me again.”

Benfic @: “Doesn’t respect the captain’s armband? Doesn’t applaud the support of the fans along with the rest of the team? We have players with much more character in our team who wear the armband, respect the shirt and lead their teammates. “

Pantufo: “Angry and sad? He is mischievous, stellar, selfish and considers himself the “master” of the national team. “

Maddog: “This collection for the Prima Donna is just a means to achieve the goal, that is, to break your records. Because during the game he didn’t play at all. It’s just fouls and penalties … “

AGUIAdosCEUS: “Everyone is tired of Cristiano Ronaldo. No one else has the strength to put up with it. We lost because Belgium managed to become a ‘team’ and Portugal was a patchwork quilt, each of the players had their own ego. “

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