Company left Man City to coach. So far, not very good


Summer 2019 Vincent Company put an end to his career at Manchester City. More than 350 matches, 4 Premier League league titles, 2 FA Cup and Super Cup victories and four League Cup victories. The company left as a true Man City legend.

In parting he wrote:

“I am grateful to everyone who supported me on my journey in this special club. I remember the first day as clearly as the last. I remember the boundless kindness I received. I will never forget how Manchester City fans have stayed true to me through good and bad times. Despite everything, they always supported me and inspired me to never give up. “

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The company hasn’t gone anywhere. He went to his native Anderlecht, where he worked for a year as a playing coach, and this season he finally became the main one.

We tell about a new story in the life of Vincent Kompani.

The company invested in Anderlecht and thought it would immediately build a project with strong youth and good results

In May 2019, the Company announced that it will join Anderlecht’s coaching staff. In the summer I came to the club. He took with him Simon Davis – a man who has been developing the Manchester City academy for several years. The original plan was: Davis is in charge, Company is his assistant.

But then things went awry and the roles changed.

The company was in charge of Anderlecht from July to August. Davis held this position from August to October. Further – unsatisfactory results (one win, five defeats and three draws in nine rounds), and the club said goodbye to Davis.

By signing a contract with the Company, Anderlecht’s management was guided by such a plan.

1. Davis formally works in charge until the first unsuccessful season. Initially, the bosses of the club planned that he would lead the team for at least a year and a half.

2. All the while, Company is looking at a senior colleague, gaining experience and becoming a prime candidate to replace Davis after he leaves.

3. In parallel, the club is flourishing and developing in all directions. The youth sector, which the club is betting on due to lack of funds, is growing and becoming Anderlecht’s main strength.

Photo: Jan De Meuleneir / Photonews via Getty Images

A greasy start to the season ruined everything. Anderlecht hired former Krylia coach Frank Vercauteren, Davis went to the labor exchange and until today has no longer worked as chief. Vincent Company remained at the headquarters.

At the same time, other problems, such as debts, put pressure on the club. Because of this, the Company even invested three million euros and became a formal shareholder of the team.

“Now the club has certain problems. We originally hoped for easier progress. But, unfortunately, there are difficulties that did not allow us to immediately implement our ambitious plans. But I promise the fans that soon our club will get better, ”he said.

In the summer, Anderlecht fired Vercauteren – in this the Company was directly involved, which became the new chief

It is important to write that the Company, even after joining Anderlecht, perceived the team as an opportunity to lead independently. In October 2019, fans wondered who is actually coaching the team. And Anderlecht made a statement. The Brussels Times wrote that, firstly, the club’s management paid the Belgian Football Federation 5 thousand euros due to the fact that the Company worked without a Pro license.

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Secondly, Kompani very often even publicly showed himself almost as a head coach: he spoke out about the team’s mistakes in training and in matches, mistakes in the choice of tactics. Davis quickly left the team. Vercoteren was not very comfortable in such conditions.

The company often took over some of the head coach’s responsibilities. He could conduct training, interfere with Vercauteren’s decisions regarding the chosen tactics. At the same time, in public, both spoke extremely positively about each other.

Belgian journalists write: in general, Vercauteren understood that his time at the club as head coach largely depends on the position of the Company and his decision to coach himself.

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In the middle of last summer, Company was still preparing for a new season as a player, but suffered an adductor muscle injury and ended his career. Vercauteren says that Kompani spent four hours a day in rehab to return to the field. But he decided to end his career in just a day. Which directly influenced the relationship of the club with Vercauteren.

Vercauteren resigned in August and took over Antwerp in December. The company has been working as a head coach at Anderlecht for half a year. So far, the results are as follows – it goes in the playoff zone, in the company between the third and eighth places, where the distances are minimal. To overtake Genk, the Company will have to work hard and win more often. Catching up and overtaking Brugge first seems like an impossible task for the Company this season.

A more detailed story from a knowledgeable person about the work of the Company in “Anderlecht” and the conditions of its work there

We spoke with the blogger Artem Prozhogoy, who closely follows the Belgian championship, and asked him to answer the main questions about the work of the Company.

What is Anderlecht’s condition? How do fans perceive the Company?

“There is a difference between how the Company was perceived at Anderlecht and is perceived now. Relations have deteriorated in part, but there is an explanation for that. When Company first came to the club, everyone was delighted. The idea with the playing coach was perceived with skepticism, but all questions were removed by the philosophy of Anderlecht.

Many top clubs in Belgium talk about club DNA: Standard, Club Brugge and others. But there questions of club DNA remain open. For Anderlecht, he comes first because they staked on the development of their own players and the academy. Therefore, the return of the Company fits perfectly into this concept: he is a graduate, played for a large team and returned to where it all began. Sounds very nice.

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When Company became head coach, the fans were excited. In many ways, it turned out because Anderlecht had a very poor performance the previous season. For the first time in many years they did not make it to European cups, did not make it to the playoffs (in the Belgian championship there is a system with a knockout round; last year it was not there, but the club would not have got there), took eighth place.

The company understood what it was doing – it came to a problematic and crisis club. A club that has a lot of debts due to missing European cups. Plus in the summer it was necessary to get rid of 15 players. And the Company had to work with it.

Anderlecht’s problem is that he is currently missing points. He loses them often after the 80th minute – the club’s scourge this season. There are really a lot of such heads. You can directly bet that the last goal in the match of “Anderlecht” will be scored by an opponent.

Anderlecht fans are far from happy with this. The club now has a very young squad, sometimes the average defense age is 20 years. Sometimes 17-year-olds appear at the base. The company understands this and often says: you have to pay for the development of young people with results. They stake on development.

The financial situation breaks everything. In the fall, they lost one of the most promising young players Jeremy Doc – sold for 26 million euros to Rennes (a great deal for the team when it has a loss of 36 million). Anderlecht did not refuse the offer simply because of debts. But if everything went well, he would have played as a base until 19, helped the club win something and left for a top club. That is, I repeated the path Thielemansa, Prata, Dendoker and others.

By the way, they did not plan to part with Doku at all. The situation was aggravated by the conflict between the shareholders, who are pulling the blanket over themselves. Fortunately, the Company has ties to Manchester City. They were able to rent a striker Lucas Nmechu. This is why Kompani often says: “I would pay to see such a young Anderlecht.

And here we have a snag that appears in the top clubs with high demands: this is the intolerance of fans who want everything here and now. Basically, Companies should be happy if he finishes above last year’s eighth place. Although this is still not enough. Due to the coronavirus, the regulations have changed – now not six, but four teams are fighting for the championship. That is, you need to jump not two lines higher, but four. Here the task is already more difficult. “

What kind of coach is he and does he really have a huge credit of confidence?

“Yes, the Company has a huge credit of trust. And it was and remains. They see him as the optimal candidate for the head coach of Anderlecht, because he fits perfectly into the club concept. And the management notes that thanks to hard work and foresight, he can become a top coach of Anderlecht.

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But everything again depends on the inconsistency and impatience of the fans. It is quite normal that young guys with a lack of experience will mow. And the fans don’t like it.

There are two ways out. Or you can put up with another three years (until the end of the Company’s contract) – until all young people grow up and the Company builds the project. And then draw conclusions. Or sign another coach. There is already a theoretical situation in which Anderlecht will achieve results. But the new coach is likely to move away from the 4-3-3 formation familiar to all levels of the club and win other people.

Photo: Philippe Crochet / Photo News via Getty Images

In this sense, I am interested to know what is more important for the fans: success in the short term or compliance with the club’s development line as a whole? The company has not fundamentally changed anything yet. And this is understandable: the one who is not at Anderlecht would change. The financial policy of the club needs to be changed. It, however, directly depends on the result. The company knows how to do this – with his education you need to be a manager, not a coach.

The Company was faced with the task of achieving great results with the same tools. The tools are already, however, not the same. They seem to disappear and are lost. But if we start from the question of what he changed, then he should not have changed anything. The only change that everyone is waiting for: the club will perform better than last season.

Even if there is a good game sometimes, but these are glimpses. It starts for health, but in the end there is a different picture. The same thing happens over and over again. And this tires the fans. Lacks maturity in every sense. And the Company too.

The company always protects its players. During matches, he is expressive and emotional. In general, we can say this: there is little optimism in his work. But, in my opinion, he must complete his contract. ”

Have any funny stories happened to the Company at Anderlecht?

“In principle, there are not so many of them. For example, such a bike from the Company itself. He told her at a press conference:

“Recently, before the match, there was a birthday cake in the dressing room – someone brought it. If I’m distracted for a second, someone will bite him before the game. So I have to pay attention to everything. “

Some of the journalists, having published the text, figuratively called the Company in the headline the kindergarten teacher Kinderschool Anderlecht. He even says that young players have no malice when they mow, they will outgrow it all.

So he works under these conditions. The main thing is that both the management and the fans support him. He still works in difficult conditions. “

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